Thursday, November 18, 2010

a bunch of little paragraphs.

I have this new little obsession with Yoplait Light yogurt. You know the commercial where the husband calls his best friend and is talking about all the "dessert" they have in the house? But it's really all the yogurt in the fridge? Yeah. That yogurt. Apparently the rest of the world has caught on too, because it's always sold out at Walmart.

Today was A's pediatrician appointment. She got a shot. I cried. I always tell myself that I won't cry (ok. this is only her second appointment. but they stuck her to test her blood at her first one, and I cried then too...) but she does a different kind of cry when they poke her. The saddest little pain-ridden cry you ever did hear. Breaks my little heart.

Oh, and she weighs 9lbs 12oz!

Soon, we'll be trucking back home for Thanksgiving, and everyone will get to meet Adalyn. I'm most excited for Hudsie and Clayton to meet her. I can't imagine how sweet it will be to see her in Clayton's arms. I'm so, so excited!

I really want an Ergo. I love my Moby - true story - but I also want an Ergo. The ease of just slipping it on just seems like a dream. Plus I want to carry her on my back. It's currently the only thing on my Christmas wish list.

Oh, and I also want a personalized necklace from Etsy.

Mark is "working late" right now, and boy I tell you what... you never realize how much your spouse helps out until your spouse is no longer there. I'm doomed for this winter, because he's the biggest help ever, and I'm really gonna miss it. Family photos are scheduled for next week, and I couldn't be more excited. Our little sproutlet is not very photogenic at all and doesn't like to be posed, but hopefully she'll tolerate things, and it won't turn into shambles.

Thursday night television is the pits, so I guess I'll just sit and stare at my sleeping baby :)


  1. i can't wait to see your family pictures!!!!!!! oh, i'm SO excited!!

  2. Ah why are you doomed this winter?

  3. Etsy is great! :) But you know that already. So many neat items. I love the personalized Army Wife purse I got! She does them for all service types! :)

  4. oh and I told Chad I want this! (if he stays in anyways) LOL

    oh, and no I'm not preggers! :)