Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A week from today, Mark and I will be at the Virginia Aquarium with Clayton and my parents! Yep, just one more week until they come to visit. We still don't have an itinerary planned out, but it will definitely be five days of fun in the sun - with lots of good food and sites to see!

I was scheduled to have an ultrasound today, but due to "technical difficulties," it has been rescheduled for Monday. It isn't so bad - each day, our baby grows more and more, and we'll be able to see even more details on the screen! Hopefully we get some very detailed photos and an educated guess of the gender of our babe.

Speaking of which - what do you think we're having? A boy or a girl?

If you're into those old wives tale things...
-I don't crave sweets or candy. I just want hamburgers.
-The texture of my hair has changed, and it's weird. In a bad way.
-This baby has killed my complexion.
-Nausea hasn't been too bad; only threw up 5 times.
-The Chinese Gender Predictor says it's a girl.

Mark is off running 5 miles since some commander (?) wants everyone to run.

Piper is self-grooming like a cat.

I've developed some kind of severe allergies to Virginia. Sneezing is nearly as common as breathing now. Please, pass the Kleenex... aaachoooooo! ;]

I have no plans to cook an Easter lunch; maybe we'll go to Cracker Barrel. Pathetic, right? It just isn't any fun to cook a big meal for two people.

That about covers it. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

two ways to make it rich in BG.

Mark and I are huge fans of going out to eat. Like, more than you can even imagine. Cooking is fun. Kind of. Sort of. But going to a restaurant, picking out a complete meal, being waited on, and then not having to clean up? Bliss. Pure bliss.

When we moved to Virginia, it was a speck overwhelming at how many new restaurants we now had. But two quickly became our favorites: Chipotle and Red Robin.

Like, I just have to tell you about these two food establishments. It would be wrong of me to keep this information inside.

Red Robin: Like, the best burger joint I have EVER seen. They have these specialty burgers that are out of this world. My personal favorite is the Guacamole Bacon Burger:

I know what you're thinking: Guacamole on a burger sounds gross. But it isn't!!! It's kind of like adding ketchup or something.. just a nice flavor. It's SO GOOD. I actually recently wrote Red Robin a letter to tell them how much I loved their burger, and how it was absolutely perfect. They kindly wrote me back and forwarded my email to the store and to 9 other people at Red Robin :] Plus, you get unlimited fries when you go there! They'll just keep on bringing baskets and baskets of fries. What a deal!

And if you were an avid Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan, you might remember "Mady's Day" where they took Mady to Red Robin:

See? Even this girl knows what's up! Red Robin ROCKS! If you're in the BG area, you really should consider opening up a franchise.


And, of course, my beloved Chipotle. This restaurant is kind of like Moe's, but way better, and it won't make you sick. All of their meats are marinated and hormone-free. You can see the guys in the back grilling the meats, marinating them, and dicing them. So there's no shredded imitation chicken here! Their rice has cilantro in it, and apparently lime, because I think it's called Lime Rice (???) but it's so good. They don't have anything fattening, other than sour cream, to put on your burrito. Just wholesome yummy veggies. And, nope, no queso!

And I know I've said it before, but their guacamole rocks.

Their ingredients taste sooooo fresh. I love watching the managers make huuuge quantities of guacamole. I actually see them slice and scoop out the avocado, so it's clearly as fresh as can be! Yummy! Mark and I are always craving Chipotle.

So, in conclusion, if you want to make it big in south central Kentucky, open up a franchise of Red Robin or Chipotle. It will make Cheddars seem soooo yesterday. (BG's Cheddars is the #1 Cheddars in the nation). Two great restaurants, and BG has nothing like them. YUM!

Luckily, I've already eaten dinner, or I'd definitely be craving a chicken burrito [with rice, pico-style tomatoes, hot sauce, lettuce, and cheese]. And a heaping cup of guacamole.



Monday, March 29, 2010

please help us.

EDIT: One of you has given me a new name.

A name I'd never really thought of before.
Now I'm swooning over this name.
Like, big time. Even Mark likes it.
:D :D :D
Soo exciting. THANK you!!

Please help us name our baby boy

If we have a boy, that is.

Our girl's name is set, so we only need a boy name.

Mark is in love with a certain name,
but I'm kind of over it.
It's #24 on the Social Security list;
that's much too common for me.

So can you help us?
Give me lots of boy names.
They have to be pretty unique.
I really like biblical names.
No Aiden, Jackson, or Jacob, please!

Also, keep in mind that it has it "go" with our last name.
I love Fynn, but...
Fynn Cox = horrible.

My sister voted on Lincoln or Abner.

And, as you might know,
my 3 nephews' names end in -on.
So try to steer clear from names like Carson or something.

Are those too many rules?
A unique boy name that doesn't end in -on.

Pretty please with sugar on top,
help us name our little one!
(If our little one is a boy, that is!)

Thank you!!!!
Now, let 'em rip!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

beach dog.

On Sundays, when the weather is nice,
we take Piper on field trips.


So guess where we went today.


Yep! The beach!

Today I found out that
if you go to the beach in March,
the beach will be so windy
that you temporarily forget
about your terrible Virginian allergies.

Yep. The wind literally knocks the allergies right out of ya!


Like, I'm really not kidding about the wind.

But Piper didn't mind.
She flew around like usual!


And then she gets all Westie-esque
when she spots someone who looks suspicious.


Freakin gorgeous little Westie, isn't she?
We think so too.

In fact, if our baby is a boy
we plan on incorporating our dog into the name.
I'm so not even kidding.


We think our dog is the cat's pajamas.
All that & a bag of chips.
Too cool for school.

Nevermind the fact that she...
woke us up this morning by barfing over the edge of the bed,
is sexually active with C's Fudpuckers frog,
licked my hamburger this afternoon before I knew it,
and hates suspicious looking people. A lot.


I do promise that she really does love me.
I mean, isn't it evident?
Just look at her face!

Yep. We are beach lovers.
Well, Piper is more of a beach digger.
Get it? She digs the beach. Like, literally.


Mhmm. Kentucky is but a distant memory for her.
Piper is such a beach dog.
It's pretty evident.

Special thanks goes out to Mark's ABUs jacket for providing a make-shift beach towel this afternoon! The Air Force just comes in handy all the time. Haaaaaa.

Friday, March 26, 2010

11 weeks

I look like my sister.

How far along? 11 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: not sure. I've been sick in the mornings, so I haven't weighed myself.
Maternity clothes? I got maternity shorts since I broke my favorite pair.. don't ask
Sleep: awful! I hate sleeping on my sides. I toss and turn all night.
Best moment this week: just hearing our baby's heartbeat - still 165-178!
Movement: nope!
Food cravings: maybe burritos and hamburgers. but they aren't cravings. Mark wanted them just as bad as me.
Gender: I think it's a girl, and Mark thinks it's a boy. One of us is right!
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? definitely an innie
Stretchmarks? no.. stay away!!!
What I am looking forward to: our ultrasound on March 31st!
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach
Weekly Wisdom: I'm 11 weeks pregnant.. What kind of real wisdom could I have?
Milestones: nearly making it out of the first trimester? Is that a milestone? :]

Nausea is still there! Yesterday I felt great, and today I felt horrible [and threw up for the 4th time]. A lot of people find out the gender at the NT ultrasound at 12 weeks, so we're really hoping that our baby gives us a clear shot! (Only about 90% accurate, but better than nothing!)

I discovered, again, that I can get any book I want at our base library. I'm stocking up on Dr. Sears' books - my favorite baby guru, and I checked out The Baby Sleep Book and The Breastfeeding Book. They ordered me The Attachment Parenting Book and another book about the first three months, also by Dr. Sears, but I forgot the name. Can't wait!!! I love reading books about babies, pregnancy, and development; I can't wait to take my books to the beach and read my heart out!

The Update on Punkin:

Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden.

She's already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

one year since..

note that beautiful calf muscle!

Long before the military entered our lives, Mark was a normal, care-free college student. It seems like so long ago. Here, Mark is photographed playing Schleuderball (German game) on campus. For fun, he would take his little bike to the skate park and practice tricks.

And when he wasn't doing that, he was busy playing soccer. And when he wasn't doing that, he was playing ping pong. And when he wasn't doing that, he was taking naps. And somewhere in the middle of all that, he squeezed in a part-time job and a smidge of college. (Okay. He actually completed more than 90 hours, but in perspective, it was a smidge!)

He used to go to bed at 3am (or later) and sleep until noon. He was messy and a complete jokester. He never, ever made his bed, and I'm unsure if he ever ironed his clothes.

A year ago today, I was so nervous. I was sick to my stomach. A year ago today, I arrived in San Antonio for Mark's basic training graduation. I was more anxious than you would ever know. I couldn't imagine how I would feel or how I would react to seeing Mark for the first time. I made this blog post . I giggle now when I read my words - "Honestly, I don't even know what he said," in regards to a phone conversation. Oh, didn't every phone conversation end that way? Total elation to the point where I couldn't remember a single word he said.

Such a weird, but sweet thing.

Tomorrow marks the day when I finally saw Mark after 8 1/2 weeks. It also marks the day when I met one of my dearest Air Force wives in person. The Air Force really has changed Mark, but it's also changed our lives. The joking, sports-loving, fun guy is still deep inside Mark, but now he is a completely different person. Now, he's a more mature, responsible, detail-oriented, proper, clean, career-driven man.

I can't believe it's been one year!

the business of being born

Crazy. This video makes me want to cry.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

steam of consciousness!!!

So my baby is technically 11 weeks 2 days along, if you're going by measurement. You would think that my nausea would be subsiding, right? Well, no. It's getting worse. I'm not complaining - just stating the facts. I didn't really get sick until I get my 9 week mark, and all my baby books say that if you don't get sick by week 8, you're likely not going to get sick. I just love to prove those books wrong (kidding. ha.) I've become best buddies with Preggie Pop Drops. Yummo! I can't really go into a kitchen at all unless it's to make something super fast like Easy Mac. Ohhh well.

Last night was small group, and my twin was able to come! She's the sweetest thing ever and bought me more Preggie Pop suckers and a belly bar! We have so much in common. After our lesson was over, we even stayed longer to discuss Kate Gosselin & Michelle Duggar! I can't believe that I had a long lost twin out there! :) Our small group leaders made the most delicious cheddar-potato-broccoli-ham soup, and I ate it! A bowl and a half!! A huge feat for me, because I normally pick at my food lately. I'm pretty relieved, because my baby needs vegetables!

My family comes in exactly two weeks!!! Sooo exciting! We're going to do so many fun things. We're about 11 weeks away from the birth of my third nephew, but it seems like just yesterday when I announced that Sprout was on his way! My next ultrasound is a week from today, and we're really looking forward to that! Here are a few updated pictures of C&H:

Pretty sweet, huh? I love my babies so much :]

Monday, March 22, 2010

my child will never...

I'm sure that we've all been there at one point in our lives: We see a child doing something and think "I'll never let my child do that!"

My list could go on forever (hehe).. but here are a few of my biggies:

  • My child will never wear a leash. Absurd, right? It's one of my biggest pet peeves EVER. I *hate* child leashes. Is it so hard to just hold your child's hand?! Your child should be expected to stand next to you without a fuss. If your child continually runs away, strap them in a stroller! And if your child is too big for a stroller, then they need some serious discipline if they can't obey you and stand next to you. So while we were at the zoo, we saw a mom with 2 kids on leashes. She was *tangled* in leashes, and her son was on the pavement - and she was dragging him!! Whatever happened to just holding your child's hand?! Ahh!! I can't even believe that these things are manufactured and sold!
perfect example of stupid backpack leash

  • My child will never be "allowed" to draw during church. I can't stand watching children draw pictures through the entire church service. We recently sat by a child who never looked up from his drawing pad that he brought to church. He was about 10 years old! He should have been listening and participating in church. If your child just cannot listen, maybe they would be better off in a Sunday school class with The Word geared toward their age group. I'm a big fan of Sunday school anyway - since they teach children about the Bible on their age level, and incorporate songs and activities that are age-appropriate. But seriously?? I'll never allow my kid to bring a drawing book to church and let church become "art time."

  • My child will never be glued to a video game system. Heck, I don't even want my child knowing what video games even are. We do have a Wii, but we don't use it often, and I'd like to keep it that way. I definitely don't want a "vidiot" (my brother-in-law's favorite term for an idiot addicted to video games) for a child. Especially because kids should play outdoors! I don't want a couch potato kid obsessed with beating a game. Ew.

  • My child will never suck on a passy after the age of two. Funny story: When C was little, he loved his passy. He sucked on it 24/7 and had to have it to go to sleep. Well, the time came when he needed to give it up. One day, Mark was over at our house (lonnnng before our engagement) and he got C to give him his passy for a minute. I said, "LOOK, Clayton!!!" and he turned around. And he said, "What?!?!" and I said, "OHHH my gosh! The Easter Bunny hopped in here and TOOK YOUR PASSY while you were turned around!! He left with it!!!" (Actually, Mark put it on the top shelf of the baker's rack...) And wouldn't you know -- Clayton believed us. He did, and he didn't ask for his passy at all! He was fine with believing that the Easter Bunny took it. Weeks later, he found a spare passy upstairs underneath a chair, and stuck it in his mouth, but by then he was pretty over it. Weird story, right? Uh, all I can say is: Whatever works.. :]

  • My child will never be encouraged to use made-up words or grunts to get what they want. Example: "Uhhhhhhgggh *points at drink" What's that, Sam? You want your drink? Here you go! ... and the child never learns to say "drink." Well, eventually they learn it - but why would a kid talk if they don't have to? Part of me is convinced that this is where some of the language delays come from. Parents don't ask their children to talk. And, nope, I'm not talking about a 6-month old child here. Anyway, case in point: I will never encourage my child to use made-up words or whine to get what they want. No way, Jose!

  • My child will never eat a Happy Meal in the middle of a Mexican/Japanese/foreign restaurant. Ohhh my gosh - huuuge pet peeve here! I hate when parents let children bring in kids meals because they "can't" get their children to eat ethnic foods. (Exception - bringing special food for your child with allergies). Seriously, every child needs to be able to eat a taco or chicken and rice and survive! My sister's technique is my favorite: When your child is a toddler, or before they are able to read, tell them that the restaurant does not serve chicken fingers, hamburgers, fries, etc. So they have to pick something from the menu. No exceptions. So either they eat or they starve. By the time they are able to read the menu, they're used to eating ethnic food, and you don't have a problem. I just think it's pathetic that parents feel like they have to cater to their child because their kid "won't eat" a taco (or whatever the food may be).

  • My child will never sleep in the bed with Mark and me. Except if our child is sick. I'm a fan of co-sleepers/bassinets which go beside the bed and are for infant use only. Then, before the child is one year old, you move them to their crib. Where they belong. Out of the parents' bedroom. Your child should never come between your spouse. And, frankly, our bed is only full-sized, so a kid wouldn't even fit! I know plenty of couples who lose all intimacy because they can't get their child out of their bed. I just think it's best if a child learns to sleep on their own, so they aren't crippled later in life and really struggle with sleeping alone. I've seen Supernanny work with tonnnns of folks who can't get their child out of their bed. So I never want to start that nasty process!

Well, there we go. I'm sure there are a zillion more things, but those are what currently comes to mind! So what will you never let your child do? :] I'm also interested to see if I give in to any of these. But I seriously doubt that I'll raise a leash-wearing, church-doodling, video-gaming, passy-obsessing, grunting, co-sleeping kiddo who hates ethnic food. I mean, if so, then I'm in trouble!!

the post where I use a lot of brackets

I haven't blogged since Friday! Sorry about that! I have reasons.. well, kind of.

Saturday was just absolutely prefect. After getting our Jeep's leaky valve fixed, we decided to take a trip to Norfolk to try out Qdoba.

[I would like to pause and note that when I have to type about food, my stomach literally turns and a giant wave of nausea comes over me. Okay then.]

There are so many restaurants in VA that don't exist in KY. Not sure if Qdoba is anywhere in KY, but we didn't have one near my hometown. It's sorta similar-ish to Moe's. I guess. Qdoba has different flavors of sauces. We both had the ancho chili burrito. It was good, but nowhere near Chipotle!

[On that note - if you want to start your own franchise in Kentucky, Chipotle is the way to go!]

Afterward, we made a sudden decision to go to the zoo! It was the first absolutely beautiful day we'd had - I was in shorts, flip flops, and a tank top, and I felt great! We weren't the only ones with this genius idea -- everyone in the Peninsula decided to go to the zoo as well! We waited in line forever, but the zoo is so big that everyone was dispersed, and we were able to have a great time.

[me at the zoo!]

Afterward, we came home to watch a couple episodes of Family Feud [we like to play along with game shows.. so much fun!] Then we decided to go on a picnic! Yay! We headed to Subway for the food [since we didn't have any bread, and I can't really have lunch meat anyway] - and I had the chicken anyway - and we headed to the big park behind us! There's a big lake where you can rent canoes and paddle boats and things, so we plan on doing that soon!

Sunday was.. eh. Church started out great! My twin, Amanda, made monkey bread for our ABF [Adult Bible Fellowship], and they were amazing! I've been trying to think of something to cook for my class, and all I can think of is breakfast casserole. But many people don't like casseroles, and I know that Amanda doesn't like sausage. So I'm torn. Anyhow, ABF was great, and everyone congratulated us on our little miracle! Everyone was also "relieved" [their words!] that once we all got pregnant, we would not be "kicked out" of the class. Hehe. [It's a nearly/newlywed class. None of us have kids yet, so we're kicking off the class in that direction!] But our teachers reassured us that we would all evolve together and have children together and stay together! Yay!

The sermon was great. Seriously, my face HURTS after church. I am not even joking. I smile so big during church for so long that my face hurts. HA! Our sermon was on Nehemiah 9 - the big gigantic prayer! And we covered the whole chapter! I've never been to a church where the pastor actually goes through a chapter each week and teaches you everything about it and relates it. It's pretty remarkable. We're pretty in love with our church :)

After church, we headed to the commissary, where I proceeded to get extremely exhausted and pretty nauseous. I came home, fell fast asleep, and slept for 3 1/2 hours. I woke up still nauseated. And was nauseated until I went to bed last night.

Then I woke up nauseated this morning. I keep having to to pause to collect myself and keep myself from throwing up. TMI? Well, this is my blog ;]

Enjoy your Monday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Week!

This week has been Book Week over at O My Family! AllisonO is a new mom and an awesome blogger, and her blogs are always inspiring. And her son is just adorable. Go check it out!

So the dealio is... I'm supposed to mention a few books I love. I chose 2 of my favorite books to read to Clayton and one for myself!

The first one I chose is On Top of Spaghetti. Remember the kid song, "On top of spagheeeetttti.. all covered with cheese.. I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed!"? Well, this book is based on that song. The entire book is meant to be sung, and it is SO much fun! Clayton loves to sing along with the book, especially during the "chorus" and the lyrics rhyme.

We checked this book out at the library, and C must've asked us to read this book a million times in two weeks! He couldn't get enough. This book is just too much fun... even I had a great time reading it!


The second book I adore is Dinosaurumpus. This book also has sing-songy words, repeating this phrase "Shake, shake, shudder . . . near the sludgy old swamp. The dinosaurs are coming. Get ready to romp!" over and over.

The book uses the names of different dinosaurs with lots of onomatopoeias. Here's an excerpt from one page:

(in curvey writing):

Apatosaurus stops for a slushy, mushy snack.
His tail starts swinging with a

Every page includes the the "main line" and Clayton easily memorized it after a couple pages. It's so fun for us to use lots of sound effects and get really into the book. He begged me to read it over and over and couldn't get enough!


Annnnd finally, a book for adults. I chose Every Woman's Marriage. This is a great resource for newly married women (or for any married woman, really!)

I'll just go ahead and copy the Amazon description, because they did a great job ;]

If you’re ready to stop the blame game and pursue the marriage of your dreams, let authors Shannon and Greg Ethridge show you how to reignite your relationship with spiritual, emotional, and physical passion. Drawing on real-life stories from both men and women, as well as lessons from their own less-than-satisfying early years of marriage, they offer provaocative insights about what it takes to nurture a dynamic marriage, including…

·what makes a husband’s heart grow cold–and how you can fan the embers into flame
·the difference between being “right” and being “righteous”
·how to fight fair
·how to guard your heart against unhealthy comparisons
·the dynamic power of getting spiritually and emotionally naked
·what your husband really wants most (It’s not what you think!)

This is a great, GREAT book! She and her husband look at marriage from a Biblical perspective and they have so much to teach! There's so many good points in this book about respecting your spouse, learning to never compare your spouse (Why can't you be more like... ), how your husbands WANT to see you smile and stop being so negative, the mental-physical connection, games women (sometimes unknowingly..) play to get what they want, and so much more. This book points out a lot of things that each of us probably do, but we don't realize we do them. And how our actions, even if they're accidental, can be detrimental to our relationship with our spouse.

I highly highly highly recommend this book! Her husband also wrote Every Man's Marriage, and they've written tons and tons of books. Definitely check this book out!

Now head over to O My Family, say hi to Allison and OBaby, and see what other readers recommended!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Punkin's first photoshoot!

Edit: I added another picture at the end - a better photo of the heartbeat picture.

Today we met our little one for the very first time! I had a vaginal ultrasound since we're still in the first trimester, so we were able to see many details of our babe!

The first thing the ultrasound technician said was, "Wow.. You might be further along than you think!"

And I am! Our baby measures 10w3d. I'm assuming this is because our baby implanted earlier than expected, because I know my exact date of ovulation - so this is great news! Our due date has moved from 10-15 to about 10-11. Actually, my paperwork said that I was only 9w3d (putting my due date at 10-17) because of my last menstrual period. But our little one measured a full week ahead!

Now our chances of having a babe born on 10-10-10 just skyrocketed! Let's hope -- that's such an awesome birthday! Punkin would be our "perfect ten" :]

So we saw our little one on the screen, and we were ecstatic! We didn't get emotional at all - we were just so excited. Mark and I were asking lots of questions as we watched our babe wave at us, flail his/her arms and legs, and practice kickboxing! Babe's little umbilical cord looked great; it was precious!

First we listened to the heartbeat. Here's a shot of the heartbeat:

That reads 173bpm.
Is anyone left on the boy team now?! Ha!!

Since Pumpkin Seed was moving around so much, it took her a while to get a good photo. Meanwhile, however, we saw the eyes, mouth, etc. in detail - so cool! Here's a frontal view of our little gummy bear:

she said that dark spot in the chest is "probably" the heart
it's even in the SHAPE of a heart


Our scanner is evidently horrible, because you can't see any of the details that we see in real life. I took a photo with Mark's iPhone in the car of the last photo. Look closely - you can see a nose and an open mouth:

I'll take a better photo with my Canon in a little bit to try to get a clearer photo. In the Gummy Bear photo (first picture) you can even see toes! ...but our scanner didn't pick up that detail.

I also have the opportunity to go back in 2 weeks for the Nuchal Translucency screening - this is an ultrasound where they measure the tissue on the back of our baby's neck via ultrasound. It checks for a higher risk of Downs and Trisomy 18. Tricare pays for this since, if our baby did test positive for the screening, I would be marked as "high risk" and would have to give birth in a regional hospital with top-of-the-line equipment for our baby. The ultrasound just prepares you if your child tests positive.. but, if we choose to go ahead with this, it will mostly be because we get a free ultrasound. Not because I'm concerned about chromosomal abnormalities. (We aren't at risk at all).

Hey. We love seeing our first born.


Today was such a wonderful day. We were just in awe of our little Gummy Bear.


Edited to add:

see our baby's toes?
At the very bottom, you can see the toes separated. Sweet!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Punkin's new ride.

We picked up our first CraigsList find tonight - our UPPAbaby baby stroller with a pram! This blog post is mostly for my mom and sister since they're 12 hours away and can't see things unless I blog them.

so if our baby is napping, I can recline the stroller like this
Tempur Pedic teddy bear is our model tonight
that little foot rest thing moves too in 3 positions

and if our kid wants to sit up, I just adjust the stroller
it has 3 settings as far as that goes

orrr I can flip it so our baby can see my (or Mark's) face!

the cutest little pram in the world!
omg, I cannot wait to put our infant in this!

and a look inside the bassinet
isn't Teddy super cute in there? ;]

We swiveled it around the baby's room, because it's already dark out & it's very chilly. But let me just say: it swivels like a dream! It's so smooth and amazing! Definitely worth it. Cute, huh? And in my favorite color too! :)

Hudsie finds the baby.

In this video, I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Obviously, I didn't tell Huds that I was pregnant -- he's only a baby himself. Here, he's 18 months, and he finds Pumpkin Seed on his own.

(This was a spur of the moment video. He wasn't "trained" or anything).

Also note my husband's gigantic laugh in the background. Yep, that's Mark. And yep, he always laughs like that.

Really, is there anything cuter than "tink you!"!? And he does say "baby" a few times in the middle of the video. He can say baby.. he was just being a goof ball.

I miss my little Huds. The other day my mom passed the phone to Hudsie to say hi to me, and he burped in my ear. True love.