Thursday, March 11, 2010

my super cool blogging story.

Once upon a time, I created this blog. I began writing as an outlet for my feelings. And to document my life while Mark was away. And because I love to write.

But a couple months ago, I got a comment from a girl. Amanda. She had found my blog through MckMama's, and she introduced herself. Then she added me on Facebook.

We talked and realized that we lived extremely close to one another. She was an Army wife, so she was pretty familiar with everything I'd gone through. And then one day we made the realization that we both go to the same church!

Now, really -- what are the odds?!

And we made a pact that we'd both try out the new Nearly & Newlywed Adult Bible Fellowship. So we went together with our husbands. And we fell in love! (With the class, not each other. But I do love her too!)

We became closer, continued to talk via Facebook, and we've come to realize that we're long lost twins. We are insanely alike. We have the exact same interests and goals in life. Not too many friends of mine squeak over the conversations of cloth diapering, babywearing, natural mothering, etc.

And now? We're little buddies, and we have many plans to do lots of things together. I'm so glad we met. And it's all because of blogging. Can you believe that I made a friend through blogging? I can't. But I'm so glad that we found each other!!!


  1. I'm so happy we met too!! :) Who woulda thunk it ;) haha. You had better say here for a while, we have a LOT more to do! haha

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