Friday, March 26, 2010

11 weeks

I look like my sister.

How far along? 11 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: not sure. I've been sick in the mornings, so I haven't weighed myself.
Maternity clothes? I got maternity shorts since I broke my favorite pair.. don't ask
Sleep: awful! I hate sleeping on my sides. I toss and turn all night.
Best moment this week: just hearing our baby's heartbeat - still 165-178!
Movement: nope!
Food cravings: maybe burritos and hamburgers. but they aren't cravings. Mark wanted them just as bad as me.
Gender: I think it's a girl, and Mark thinks it's a boy. One of us is right!
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? definitely an innie
Stretchmarks? no.. stay away!!!
What I am looking forward to: our ultrasound on March 31st!
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach
Weekly Wisdom: I'm 11 weeks pregnant.. What kind of real wisdom could I have?
Milestones: nearly making it out of the first trimester? Is that a milestone? :]

Nausea is still there! Yesterday I felt great, and today I felt horrible [and threw up for the 4th time]. A lot of people find out the gender at the NT ultrasound at 12 weeks, so we're really hoping that our baby gives us a clear shot! (Only about 90% accurate, but better than nothing!)

I discovered, again, that I can get any book I want at our base library. I'm stocking up on Dr. Sears' books - my favorite baby guru, and I checked out The Baby Sleep Book and The Breastfeeding Book. They ordered me The Attachment Parenting Book and another book about the first three months, also by Dr. Sears, but I forgot the name. Can't wait!!! I love reading books about babies, pregnancy, and development; I can't wait to take my books to the beach and read my heart out!

The Update on Punkin:

Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden.

She's already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional.



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  2. You are so adorable! And if you don't feel uncomfortable doing it, go ahead and sleep on your stomach while you can. Your belly is well protected and you will get uncomfortable sleeping that way (as well as on your back) before it even has the potential to do any harm.

  3. Yay for almost making it out of the first trimester!!!

  4. I agree with Katherine. And you can also sleep on your back now, too. (Although I still sleep on my back at some points during the night because I have never felt dizzy or anything from it.) You'll MISS IT when your baby gets bigger and your belly actually PREVENTS you from doing it.

    Also, are those your maternity shorts?? Are they from Target? I've been eye-balling the khaki ones at Target but haven't gotten them yet. :)

  5. I haaate sleeping on my back worst of all :\ I slept on my stomach a little this morning, and it helped. And they are maternity shorts from Motherhood Maternity. The jean ones have the big belly sleeve, but my khaki maternity shorts are just elastic and go under your belly. They're both really comfortable, though!! You can't even tell the jean ones are maternity!

  6. Cute pictures! And a nice update! I can't wait until you guys find out the sex of Baby Cox!

  7. Shannie, I love your updates, keep them coming, which I know you will. Do you mind if I steal your update thingy? I love how you do it, and I don't want to do it without your permission. :) I love your pictures, and I'm gald you are wearing shorts, I can't yet, it's still cold, :( But, I toss and turn all night too, the passed two nights, I haven't slept very well, I wake up at midnight on the dot, and don't go to sleep until about 2 or 3 am. :( So i've been sleeping during the day since the mornings I feel terrible, I get my energy in the afternoons, like 2pm. :( I hate it. But, keep the updates coming. :) love them!

  8. I like the jean shorts. You look really cute and happy!! Can't wait to see you two and Piper of course. Love, mom

  9. I slept on my stomach until it was uncomfortable, I was in my second trimester when that happened, and I was showing when I finally stopped. I like Brittney also still sleep on my back sometimes. What stinks about sleeping while being pregnant is that for about 7 or 8 out of 9 months you don't sleep very well no matter what :-/ Maybe it's God's way of preparing us for those many nights we'll be up with our newborns! Pillows are a great investment! And when I don't get enough sleep at night I nap for a bit. It helps!
    And I'm sure you can tell this is Amanda and not Lucas.
    Oh & I really want some maternity shorts! I like yours. Our Motherhood didn't have any the last time I went :(