Wednesday, March 24, 2010

steam of consciousness!!!

So my baby is technically 11 weeks 2 days along, if you're going by measurement. You would think that my nausea would be subsiding, right? Well, no. It's getting worse. I'm not complaining - just stating the facts. I didn't really get sick until I get my 9 week mark, and all my baby books say that if you don't get sick by week 8, you're likely not going to get sick. I just love to prove those books wrong (kidding. ha.) I've become best buddies with Preggie Pop Drops. Yummo! I can't really go into a kitchen at all unless it's to make something super fast like Easy Mac. Ohhh well.

Last night was small group, and my twin was able to come! She's the sweetest thing ever and bought me more Preggie Pop suckers and a belly bar! We have so much in common. After our lesson was over, we even stayed longer to discuss Kate Gosselin & Michelle Duggar! I can't believe that I had a long lost twin out there! :) Our small group leaders made the most delicious cheddar-potato-broccoli-ham soup, and I ate it! A bowl and a half!! A huge feat for me, because I normally pick at my food lately. I'm pretty relieved, because my baby needs vegetables!

My family comes in exactly two weeks!!! Sooo exciting! We're going to do so many fun things. We're about 11 weeks away from the birth of my third nephew, but it seems like just yesterday when I announced that Sprout was on his way! My next ultrasound is a week from today, and we're really looking forward to that! Here are a few updated pictures of C&H:

Pretty sweet, huh? I love my babies so much :]


  1. the last photo is sooo cute! he's a real cutie.

  2. Those are some great pictures. And you're measuring 11 weeks and 2 days? You're ahead of me. I just turned 11 weeks yesterday, well according to dates. I can't wait to see how I'm measuring. I'm so excited about my appoitment. My nausea hasn't calmed down yet either. I have some Preggie Pop drops too. They work wonders. I can't believe we are still going through this together. I'm glad you have someone at your life group that you can connect with. I know that helps. We are looking for a church, went last Sunday, but they weren't very welcoming.. :( We even said we were new, and no one said welcome, or anything. :( I haven't heard from them, and I filled out a visitor card. I will be looking for another church online, and maybe we will find something. I want to be apart of a small group again... I miss it.

  3. i'm pretty sure my boys are the cutest things on the planet!!!!!
    huds is getting soooo big!!!!!
    and clayton doesn't even look like a little boy anymore)= he looks like a kid )=

    bigger mommy sis