Friday, March 5, 2010

my blog is famous!! kinda sorta.

Yes! There it is! My blog was among 12 blogs mentioned in Military Spouse Magazine!!

Can you believe it?!?! Apparently, my blog is colorful! With bold images! Who knew?!?

I certainly didn't know. I would have never known if it hadn't been for a reader telling me that they saw my blog in a magazine! One would think that they would be notified that they got showcased in a magazine, but I suppose that isn't the case!

If you recall (which you probably don't), my blog was shown on television in Minnesota! Once upon a time, they did a TV interview on MckMama. And MY blog name scrolled across the screen! It seems silly and petty, but it's a neat thing to have your blog shown on the news.

And now it's in a magazine! Mark bought it after work and surprised me with it. So now I just need to run out, get a shadow box, and frame this little sucker!

Just kidding. But I will save the magazine.

It's cute, because.. we're past the first year, and we're no longer separated (thank God). But I hope my blog will inspire other military wives to see that your life doesn't have to revolve around the military. You don't have to eat, sleep, and breathe the branch in which your husband enlisted.

True, I do own quite a few Air Force shirts.
and True, my cell phone ring tone is the USAF theme song.
and True, I do have a USAF magnet on the back of our car.
and maybe a USAF wife license plate thingy too..

but the military isn't our life, and it never will be (and all my friends shouted "AMEN!") and I hope my blog shows that.


  1. AMEN!!!! If I could type that in size 38 typset...that would be how resounding my Amen is. lol. So proud of your blogging success, Shannon!

  2. You are too sweet, Erin. I'm hoping with all my might that your orders are changed and you're sent to LAFB instead! Pleasepleaseplease. We would have SO much fun!

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  4. Shannon, I came across your blog through American Mum. You have a great blog. I live in an Air Force town and just this week was at the base judging scholarship applicants for military dependents. The scholarships are awarded through the Officers' Spouses Club. I also took some Air Force pictures this week and posted them on my photo blog. Anyway, I'm going to browse your blog some more. Nice to meet you!

  5. You're famous! :)

  6. Yay I love this! Shannon is famous! I'm with ya on the AMEN too it would be as big as I could type it haha.. I'm so proud of your success with this blog! Your blog is amazing!

  7. Wow! That's so cool! Congrats Shannon!