Saturday, February 28, 2009

hunky hubby update? kinda.

See this here hunky man I'm staring at? I miss him terribly!

One of my favorite people on this planet, Lisa, is a fellow Air Force Wife. She always has information to tell me. Lisa, Cara (her husband is Prince M's bunkmate!), and I always share info that we receive in phone calls or letters.

So Lisa got a phone call tonight. A 30 minute phone call tonight! Me? I got no phone call. But she did have some good news:

The gas chamber wasn't that bad (according to her hubby), and things are getting better. They completed their obstacle course, and I think he said it was fun. He didn't mention anyone getting in trouble. So that's good.

She also mentioned that her husband and a few other guys have started prayer group! They pray together each night. Her hubby sleeps right next to Prince M. I'm pretty certain that he is part of that group. He also said that the guys cry like little girls at church. I'm sure that's an adorable sight.

That's all. An indirect update of Prince M. Oh, and he only got a phone call because he was chosen to play tuba at a sporting event. Prince M plays bass drum. And, as we band people know, only one bass drum is needed at a time. sigh.

I'm basically living for Thursday. As are Lisa and Cara. Thursday = mail day in our world. I cannot wait. 3 more Mondays to get through before I see him. I bought some adorable clothes for graduation. I cannot wait!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that I met Prince M at church? And did you know that what really got us talking was French!?

... I hate French. Okay, okay... hate is a strong word. I really dislike it. I'm no good at it.

...which is how I met Prince M! So he was a German major and a French minor. How artsy of him. Me? I was a nursing major... with completely different interests in school! We can't remember if I searched him on facebook first or the other way around. Regardless, Prince M thought of this clever little idea:

at 8:49pm on August 20th, 2006
I see that your taking economics 202. I wonder if you would help me with that if I ever needed some assistance? we could exchange services your economical skill and my minor in french skill

How slick of him. Really, I must applaud his skills. That never really happened for a while. After that, we met at Barnes and Noble almost daily. He distracted me every single night. I never got any studying done for Anatomy 2. It was awful. But it was delicious.

Then I got a C in Anatomy 2. Embarrassing. Whoops. Then I got a D in Econ 202.. even a bigger whoops. Eventually, I started going to his econ 203 class with him, and he came to my New Testament class with me! He even took a New Testament test and wrote his name as John Piper.


Dr. Trafton even graded it and called out the names. He repeatedly called out, "John Piper? John Piper???" ... I know he knows who John Piper is.. anyway..

so that is how we began. Eventually, I got off my high horse and began studying again. Kind of.

and I'll have you know that I'm a President's Scholar at WKU. He kind of rocked my fall semester of 2006 a little too much.

and now we're husband and wife. and he's now rocking my boat again due to his absence, and I'm having some serious issues with concentrating in school. Hehe.

This is from my very first scrapbook. and it just so happens to be our very first photo together - taken on the day we started dating! sitting in the aisle of Foreign Languages in Barnes & Noble. Cause it's his favorite :]

...and here's a picture of me not paying attention in Microbiology Lab :D

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Prince M!?

It's been exactly ONE WEEK since I've read/heard from Prince M. Until today! I received 4 letters today! Woohoo!

... except they weren't totally positive.

I'll give a quick run-down of the letters!

-He has a cold. and a cough. and he feels awful. It's because of the shots that they gave him. How stinky!
-He had his job interview. It was mainly "Have you done drugs? Are you afraid of heights? Do you drink?" and it was very easy for him.
-His TI finally made fun of his last name... ugh. How immature.
-He misses me like crazy!
-Getting better at the bass drum!
-He passed the self aid buddy care class. They covered types of burns, chemical/electrical fire & biological and how to treat them. It counted as 3 credits for college :O
-Breakfast sucks. Hard wheat bread French toast & watery eggs. Ew.
-They feed them only nutritious food. Nothing fried - only baked.
-He's craving a steak. We will fix that craving on graduation weekend!
-Church there is mostly converting people to Christianity each week.
-Finally, he's dying for current pictures of me. As if I've changed or something. Sad news: I don't take many pictures of myself. Heck, I never take pictures of myself. Rats.

Most of his letters are him expressing his undying love and devotion to me :] I'll spare you the gooey details! 27 days until I see him. Yes, I am definitely counting down the days.

Oh, and please don't give me advice on any of this. I just wanted to update you. That's it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

play pluck that funky music, white boy

"Shannie, this is Rosin..."

"...and this is how you use it!"

"and this is called Pizzicato" - which means to pluck, for you non-music majors out there!

"This here - this is the C string!"

My little Yo Yo Ma. This brings a tear to my eye.
I'm such a proud mama... auntie..

...and one cute picture of baby H to make this post complete!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

I really need to loosen up a little bit. If not, I will surely have crows feet and forehead wrinkles before I turn 25! Sheesh. Really, things don't matter as much as I used to think. This ridiculous chocolate fraction lesson? ... I need to let it go. If it completely flops and sucks, who cares? It's just one lesson.

I really need to stop eating so darn much. I can't help it that I am in class for nearly 5 consecutive hours. and that there is a bagel shop right next to my building. and I cannot help that they serve delicious bagels. Oooh, especially the cinnamon raisin. with strawberry schmere. I should probably stop trying to fill this huge, gaping hole in my heart [caused by lack of Prince M] with calories, carbs, and fat grams. but they are so darn good, aren't they, diary?!

I really need to stop letting Prince M's letters/phonecalls [especially the lackthereof] determine my happiness for the day. Chances are, I won't hear from him. That's just how it is. and I need to let it go.

Diary, I need to chill out. If Prince M were here, he would tickle me to death and then get mad because I'm too tense, too stressed, and too sad about everything.

Diary, I'm getting over it.

Princess S.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

what on earth?

How did this happen!? No 1st birthday/1st Christmas of C since my hard drive crashed :[ He sure was spiffy this Christmas.. all dressed up like Uncle M!

I love my boys

Who me!? Not me!!

Oh, who am I kidding?! I can NEVER wait for Monday!! Plus, Mondays are always too busy with school work :\ So here you go!

This week, while in my assessments class [which lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes], I did not take the slice of lemon from my lemonade and proceed to suck out all the juice to wake myself up. Not only would that be bad for the enamel of my teeth, but that would be a tad bit grody!

Earlier this week, I was assigned the task of creating three goals with two objectives each for a specific Individualized Education Program. I did not take the liberty of googling "examples of IEP goals and objectives" and copy them straight from the net. I certainly have more creativity than that. and I pride myself on my school work! I would never do that kind of thing!

I did not wear a pizza sauce-stained jacket to school on Monday and Tuesday. and I did not wear pizza sauce-stained pants to school on Monday! First of all, I always wash my clothes each time I wear them. and stained clothes in public? Ew. I would never be seen wearing stained clothing!! Gross!

On Tuesday night, I did not totally get a kick out of playing finger puppets with C. I did not get so into the part of Hairy Head Giraffe that I asked Panda Bear, "Sooo.. are ya married?" To which C replied, "Nope, gotta boyfriend, though!" I then did not reply, "A BOYFRIEND?! But you're a BOY!! Ewwwww!!!" .. C quickly did not fix that by saying, "I mean.. a wife!" Ha. Certainly not me.

I also did not chase C around the house trying to get a picture of him with the puppets like a mad woman. When he says no, I take the hint and leave him alone. I would never drag him around the house for optimal lighting for my crappy cell phone camera and then insist he sit smack-dab in front of the couch so I could take a picture!

[Note: This picture does not exist]

Boy, I love to eat out. I mean, I love it. Especially sea food. So, on Saturday afternoon, mom and I went to Red Lobster! Mmmm. I was starving... so when the waitress brought over those delicious cheesy biscuits, I did not eat two of them. Then I did not eat a salad with fattening honey mustard & my entire meal of pick-two shrimp [scampi & breaded, thanks for asking!!], & I did not devour two MORE cheesy biscuits.. bringing the total to four. They are only 160 calories per biscuit.. which equals 16 points in Weight Watcher Land :\ That would be totally insane. and I have a little something called self control.

Today, [Sunday] I had lunch at Linzie's.. which is my most favorite restaurant EVER. Go check it out. Anyhow, I did have the buffalo chicken sandwich with potato soup. Golly, it was good!! Then I went home. As soon as I got home, I did not eat a second lunch.. which did not consist of biscuits & gravy, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a piece of sausage. I am not filling the hole in my heart from Prince M's absence with food!! I would never do something like that. First of all, I strictly follow Weight Watchers. at all times. So I would never eat a ton of food like that!! Puhlease.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

By the end of the summer...

By the end of the summer, Prince M will be doing this...

and this:

and I just might move here:

or at least visit a lot

we are in for a grand adventure!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letters from my LOVE!

Guess what!?

seriously. guess!

Okay, okay. I'll just come out and say it: I got a ton of letters from hubby!!!! WOOHOO!! I don't want to say this 1 million times to different people, so I'm blogging the info I got!

First of all, [and I find this to be completely ironic and downright hilarious] M is in the band flight. Which means he is playing an instrument. Bass drum, of all things! Now I was a total band geek my entire life. I've dragged M to many band competitions. I would never have guessed that my athletic, super cool hubby would be playing an instrument! HA! This means that he will get bussed to the graduation grounds [very good thing], but when other airmen get to see their families after graduation, he will get bussed BACK to his dorm to put his instrument away. Lame! But he gets extra responsibility, and I think it's a good thing. He seemed positive about it. Except for the long practices of just banging a drum. Believe me, I can totally relate.

He also is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. Ick? He said he is taking a 15 second shower & he comes out squeaky clean! ..I can only imagine..

and I will now insert an expert from the letter:
"A guy in my dorm got in trouble for looking at his bread on the way to his seat. When he sat down, a female Training Instructor yelled 'Your bread's alive! STAB IT and say 'I'm stabbing my bread!'" then he had to yell it as he was continually stabbing it."

.. what on earth.

He also said getting their beds made perfectly is insane & keeping his locker neat is horrible because he has so many clothes. He's not looking forward to getting his dress blues because that will add extra stuff in his locker.

& of all things, he misses going to Linzie's with me! I knew we were meant to be :] On a side note, Linzie's is the best restaurant in town. If you haven't been, go now. It's located next to Fazolis. Mmmm. Okay, back to the point:

To sum it up, the days go by quickly, but he is absolutely miserable. Guys in his flight are way too chatty & they get them all in trouble. His TI has been keeping his mail from going out AND he has been holding my mail so M cannot open it. Rawr. On a happy note, he is required to show his TI the pictures I send. So, his TI is getting to see some pretty snazzy wedding pictures. I'm sure he's really enjoying those! Who wouldn't? ha.

He also sent me his dream sheet. Now, this really doesn't matter. At all. But it's worth a shot. They do take this into consideration for where we are first sent. From top to bottom: Charleston, SC; Eglin AFB, Florida; Travis AFB, California; Langley AFB, South Carolina; Shaw, Cali; Moody, Georiga; & Scott Indiana. As far as overseas go: Hickam AFB, Hawaii; Ramstein, Germany; Spangdahelm, Germany; Aviano, Italy; Andersen, Guam; Milden Hall, UK; Einsiedler, Hof (??); Semback, Germany. What is Hof? .. Who knows..

Finally, a little something to make you cry:

My amazing wife, whom I love
You've saved my life; you're like a dove
So many days I think and pray
to you I come home to and there I stay
You make me happy and filled with joy
Yes my love we will have a child someday
We will grow old and live real long
For you I'm your airman standing strong
I will keep you always as my wife
Forever and ever til I'm gone

I like how he rhymed wife with gone. There really isn't much to rhyme wife with except knife. And that would definitely be unromantic ;] Ha!

I took a picture of the new shirt with my cell phone. I'm much too lazy to grab my Rebel from downstairs. I'm not even embarrassed to admit that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

hunky husband survey!!!

My Hunky Husband!

1) What's his name?
Prince Charming

2)How long have you been married?
1 month and 5 days.

3)How long did you date?
oh 2 and a half years. Almost.

4)How old is he?

5)Who eats more?
He puts food down like a garbage disposal. I can't imagine how much food he is putting away at BMT right now... although, since he left, I am eating a LOT more. Bring on the food!

6)Who said, "I love you," first?
I really don't know. Probably him.

7)Who is taller?
Him! By 8 inches. I look like a midget in our wedding pictures..

8)Who sings better?
him.. he always tried to get me to sing when we first started dating.

9)Who is smarter?
He is street smart, and I am book smart. I'm pretty naive when it comes to some things.

10)Who's temper is worse?
Him. definitely. I mean, he isn't a crazy hot-headed husband or anything. but I can talk out my feelings much more easily.

11)Who does the laundry?
Laundry? What laundry. It's hard to have laundry when you don't live together! Or in the same state, for that matter.

12)Who does the dishes?
Okay, he LOVES to do dishes. Okay, love is a strong word for dishes. He really thinks he is the best dish-washer ever. I hate washing dishes. Something about left over food on a plate grosses me out.. ICK! Dish washers were created for a reason.

13)Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
If you're looking at the bed, I'm on the right! Always. I stole his spot on his bed :] I can't stand it any other way.

14)Who pays the bills?
We don't have bills yet :D Well, I do have a cell phone bill. and insurance. So I guess that means me.

15)Who mows the lawn?
We don't have a lawn yet :[ Let me get back to you.

16)Who cooks dinner?
During the one week we were living together, we didn't eat at home. Not once. Okay okay, I did eat Fruity Pebbles with my organic fat-free milk. We kept thinking this would be our last meal together. Then.. we got 2 more days.. haha.. We ate out a LOT that week!

17)Who drives when you are together?
Him!!! Thankfully.. I hate driving!

18)Who is more stubborn?
Me. I guess.

19)Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
That would definitely be me. I can't stand a fight! I will just take all the blame sometimes just to avoid an argument. Okay, that rarely happens. But it has been known to occur ;]

20)Whose parents do you see the most?
Mine!!! Definitely. We rarely see his family.

21)Who has more friends?
That would be M. He is super friendly.

22)Who has more siblings?
Him.. he has 4, technically 5, and I only have 1 sister.

23)Who wears the pants in the family?
Him! and I'm proud of it!!

Not Me SUNDAY! .. I can never wait...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not spend forever taking pictures of myself with our cool Canon Rebel for 15 minutes today. HA! What a waste of time! I mean, come on.. that would be really self absorbed of me.

I did not fall down the stairs the other morning at 6am after checking facebook, myspace, and blogger. That would have really hurt. and that would have been really embarrassing. Thank heavens I don't do those sorts of things!

I did not drive Nephew #2 around town only half-buckled because he's so darn chubby and just plain old HUGE for his infant carseat. That's called against the law. That would also label me as a Bad Aunt. I would never be a dangerous, bad aunt! Never!

This week at work, I did not watch White Chicks in its entirety. Wow. What kind of employee would that make me? I am always on task and efficient. Okay okay, I did work while watching, in case my boss reads this! ;]

This Friday, I did not go to Mr. Gatti's and eat four huge slices of pizza and drink loads of coke! And then I did not take Nephew #1's tokens and cheat those little kid games to win him a ton of tickets. Who does that kind of thing? Those games are for kids only. I am not obsessed with him getting the coolest prizes. Nope, not me!!

a whole lotta pictures

So, I'm a sucker for anything Air Force. Okay okay, I had to buy a hat for Gourmet Foods. I really didn't have a hat. Really. So buying one for $17 online is totally logical. Totally.

Here is my Deployment Bracelet. Granted, M is not deployed, but he is gone. I wear it daily :]

It has three charms - this little fighter dude [which is totally relevant since hubby learns allll about M-16's this week!], a cross, and a little charm that reads Air Force.

Oh guys, guess what!? I broke all rules and bought a pre-made scrapbook. But I'm really excited about it. Here's a peek!

Oh, that last one isn't part of the scrapbook. But I just know ya'll love my little face.

I have this little IEP assignment [that's Individualized Education Program, for those non-exceptional ed majors out there!] and I'm totally lost. What in the world. Goals? Objectives? I am happily clueless! However, I just found out on Thursday that I will never be responsible for communication and hearing/vision goals. Thank heavens!

I've already got my Not Me post stirring in my head... I think I might post it tonight. Mondays are HORRIBLE.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Could it really be true?!

Yes, folks, they have arrived! I can hardly believe it. They aren't amazing ... but they're fine! I'll just put some of the highlights up for those of you who didn't make it to the wedding! Namely my sister's friends.

There are loads more on facebook. So go have a lookie.


So today was a total party, in my book. I got to go to a Valentines "party" .. aka pack H around for an hour and a half and eat Doritos! Oh, and sip Capri Suns while watching Over the Hedge. Then me and the sister & the kiddos went to Mr. Gatti's! What fun. I beat my high score on the Spongebob Game and won C 25 tickets! woohoo! Then we came back to the house, ate cheese curls, and watched kinda paid attention to Mulan. Then we me & the sister watched my wedding! Again. And then, of course, I got the wedding pictures. At 8:30pm. Insanity. Most nights, I'd be in my pj's in bed by 8:30pm! He is lucky that I was at a party, so I wasn't asleep yet.


Okay, kiddie slumber party .. big deal!

That is all. No news from Mark today. But tomorrow is a national holiday. I hope those mean old TI's keep that in mind!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yippie skippie!

Have ya ever sprayed your pillow with your lover's cologne because you miss him desperately & secretly pretend that your memory foam pillow is their chest?

Have ya ever carried your phone with you EVERYWHERE. In your hand. Not in your pocket. Because you couldn't bear to miss a call from your lover?

Have ya ever written a letter daily to your lover just so you'd feel closer to them?

Have ya ever watched a dvd created by your lover with secret love messages for you to watch while he is gone?

Have ya ever gone to Build A Bear and created a stuffed animal with a recorded sound device in its hand with your husband's voice?

Have you ever avoided discussing your lover's career because you don't want to face the world with a million questions and feel like you have to defend your lover's choice of career & the life choices that come with it?

.. I have!!!! :]

Great news: Mark called!! That definitely calls for a celebration. In my world, celebration = blog.


So he called during my collaboration night class, and I ran out and answered my phone, of course!! At first the reception was yucky, but then it got better! His flight competed against two others, and Mark's flight won! So they got a patio break. He was awarded 4 minutes of phone time [but really it only amounted to a measly 2. But I'll take what I can get.] He said he has been getting my letters, and he's been writing me too! Except the stinky TI won't let them mail their letters yet. Rawr. He said that he will try to mail them on Sunday if he is allowed. He also reported that this week is much easier - less yelling & less push ups! His first dorm check is tomorrow. Then I will know what kind of housekeeper prince charming is!!

I asked if he was getting any skinnier.
He thinks he's probably gaining weight from all the food they're serving him! Ha. Yeah right. Boy sure does have a distorted body image! :]

I really can't remember anything else. Each time he calls, I'm in a daze. Like, "Wow.. I really am talking to him!!" Then, before I know it, it's "I have to go now. I love you.. I miss you, bye!!" ... Then I can't remember a thing!!! Rats.

So I walked back into my classroom with an awkward smile.
I sat down, and my friend asks me if my hubby called!
Then I started to cry.
In front of everyone.
Then everyone stared at me & said, "Awww..." ..
Then my teacher hugged me!
Then I cried some more, while frantically trying to wipe them away!
But it's okay :]

I'm so proud of hubby.

Now, you honestly didn't think I'd blog something and not include a picture, did you!?!
Nah, I knew you knew better than that!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday snapshots.

By now, you should know that I love my nephews. And I love pictures. Put those two together, and you have a picture-takin-feen (spelling? ha..) Here you go!


Peace out.