Friday, February 6, 2009


I have to supervise a Valentines Day dance on Tuesday night. For fifth graders. Doesn't that seem a little extreme? Since when did public educators start encouraging young "romance" in elementary school? Certainly not when I was that young. I wonder if I will be using that "ruler stick" rule where you have to be 6 inches apart while dancing. Or, more likely, going to a dance will mean, "Okay. The girls will stand on one side of the gym, and the boys will stand on the other. And we will stare at each other and giggle and make jokes about who likes who. Then we'll eat snacks and stuff and call our moms when we're ready to go." That seems more like it.

Today I ran around town around B&N and the mall trying to find this book:

MckMama featured it in her blog. So it must be good! Naturally. And, of course, no one had it in stock. "Oh, but we can order it for you! It will be here in 8 short days." ... No thanks! I've got a Bible Quiz meet tomorrow in Louisville, and I need something to read! I ended up buying another not-so-great book so I will at least have something. Excuse me while I go pout.

I will leave you with some interesting pictures of Mark and his best buddy, Chris. Aren't they cute handsome in their matching vests? Aww.

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA! Okay, this is almost as good a FB! I'm so happy you're blogging now, because now we can humor one another on a different internet source!

    Oh, and I found out that I can change my url!!!! So I am going to have to fix my header. (I don't know if it matters, but I changed the url to!) So, that allows me to answer your question! I use the cutest blog on the block, too! That's where I got the header from. Except, any time I try to download something (like a header pack) it doesn't work. So usually I just open the image and save it to my computer, then use my photo program to edit it.:]

    Oh, and I'm sorry I haven't emailed you back yet! I promise I will soon.:]

    I love you! (And I'm soooo glad you put up those pictures!!!!)