Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letters from my LOVE!

Guess what!?

seriously. guess!

Okay, okay. I'll just come out and say it: I got a ton of letters from hubby!!!! WOOHOO!! I don't want to say this 1 million times to different people, so I'm blogging the info I got!

First of all, [and I find this to be completely ironic and downright hilarious] M is in the band flight. Which means he is playing an instrument. Bass drum, of all things! Now I was a total band geek my entire life. I've dragged M to many band competitions. I would never have guessed that my athletic, super cool hubby would be playing an instrument! HA! This means that he will get bussed to the graduation grounds [very good thing], but when other airmen get to see their families after graduation, he will get bussed BACK to his dorm to put his instrument away. Lame! But he gets extra responsibility, and I think it's a good thing. He seemed positive about it. Except for the long practices of just banging a drum. Believe me, I can totally relate.

He also is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. Ick? He said he is taking a 15 second shower & he comes out squeaky clean! ..I can only imagine..

and I will now insert an expert from the letter:
"A guy in my dorm got in trouble for looking at his bread on the way to his seat. When he sat down, a female Training Instructor yelled 'Your bread's alive! STAB IT and say 'I'm stabbing my bread!'" then he had to yell it as he was continually stabbing it."

.. what on earth.

He also said getting their beds made perfectly is insane & keeping his locker neat is horrible because he has so many clothes. He's not looking forward to getting his dress blues because that will add extra stuff in his locker.

& of all things, he misses going to Linzie's with me! I knew we were meant to be :] On a side note, Linzie's is the best restaurant in town. If you haven't been, go now. It's located next to Fazolis. Mmmm. Okay, back to the point:

To sum it up, the days go by quickly, but he is absolutely miserable. Guys in his flight are way too chatty & they get them all in trouble. His TI has been keeping his mail from going out AND he has been holding my mail so M cannot open it. Rawr. On a happy note, he is required to show his TI the pictures I send. So, his TI is getting to see some pretty snazzy wedding pictures. I'm sure he's really enjoying those! Who wouldn't? ha.

He also sent me his dream sheet. Now, this really doesn't matter. At all. But it's worth a shot. They do take this into consideration for where we are first sent. From top to bottom: Charleston, SC; Eglin AFB, Florida; Travis AFB, California; Langley AFB, South Carolina; Shaw, Cali; Moody, Georiga; & Scott Indiana. As far as overseas go: Hickam AFB, Hawaii; Ramstein, Germany; Spangdahelm, Germany; Aviano, Italy; Andersen, Guam; Milden Hall, UK; Einsiedler, Hof (??); Semback, Germany. What is Hof? .. Who knows..

Finally, a little something to make you cry:

My amazing wife, whom I love
You've saved my life; you're like a dove
So many days I think and pray
to you I come home to and there I stay
You make me happy and filled with joy
Yes my love we will have a child someday
We will grow old and live real long
For you I'm your airman standing strong
I will keep you always as my wife
Forever and ever til I'm gone

I like how he rhymed wife with gone. There really isn't much to rhyme wife with except knife. And that would definitely be unromantic ;] Ha!

I took a picture of the new shirt with my cell phone. I'm much too lazy to grab my Rebel from downstairs. I'm not even embarrassed to admit that.


  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!
    Oh, and one more thing:

    I'm so super excited you got mail! That is so crazy about that guy having to stab hi bread ...:/ Annnd it is really lame that the guys in his flight get them all in trouble. Seriously! They didn't go to goof off!

    And how does the band flight work? I have never heard of that! So, basically, he's forced to be in that flight and play a drum? Weird.

    PS Did you get my text yesterday about Tricare?
    Oh, PS again, your shihrt is rockin'!

  2. Yeah, his TI has been keeping him from reading my mail because of those OTHER stupid guys. grr.

    I'm not sure how band flight works. If you don't play an instrument, they stick you on drums. How funny.. It only sucks because we'll have less time to be together since he has to be bussed back to the dorm when everyone ELSE is hugging their airmen :[ rawr!

    and I did get your text! I emailed you.. I was kneeling over about to pass out though, so I didn't answer :\

    and THANKS! the shirt could be a LITTLE bit longer, but it's fine :] thank Heavens! I bought a shirt in St. Thomas that umm.. well, you could definitely fit it! I CAN fit in it.. but it's a little ridiculous.. I'm sure you'd love it though.. I think I will give it to you..