Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Prince M!?

It's been exactly ONE WEEK since I've read/heard from Prince M. Until today! I received 4 letters today! Woohoo!

... except they weren't totally positive.

I'll give a quick run-down of the letters!

-He has a cold. and a cough. and he feels awful. It's because of the shots that they gave him. How stinky!
-He had his job interview. It was mainly "Have you done drugs? Are you afraid of heights? Do you drink?" and it was very easy for him.
-His TI finally made fun of his last name... ugh. How immature.
-He misses me like crazy!
-Getting better at the bass drum!
-He passed the self aid buddy care class. They covered types of burns, chemical/electrical fire & biological and how to treat them. It counted as 3 credits for college :O
-Breakfast sucks. Hard wheat bread French toast & watery eggs. Ew.
-They feed them only nutritious food. Nothing fried - only baked.
-He's craving a steak. We will fix that craving on graduation weekend!
-Church there is mostly converting people to Christianity each week.
-Finally, he's dying for current pictures of me. As if I've changed or something. Sad news: I don't take many pictures of myself. Heck, I never take pictures of myself. Rats.

Most of his letters are him expressing his undying love and devotion to me :] I'll spare you the gooey details! 27 days until I see him. Yes, I am definitely counting down the days.

Oh, and please don't give me advice on any of this. I just wanted to update you. That's it.

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