Monday, February 9, 2009

the price to see my husband.

Mark graduates March 27th, 2009. However, he has an Airman's Run early on Thursday morning. And I have a briefing at 7:30am on Thursday morning. So... I will need to be in San Antonio by Wednesday. He gets a free day on Saturday and base liberty (free day) on Sunday too!

...add that up and it's four days.

Woohoo! Except there's that whole money issue. My parents are accompanying me to Lackland. The price of the airlines alone will be at least $790. That's without any insurance (bad idea...). That's ALSO with us departing from San Antonio at 5:30pm on Sunday. Forcing me to leave Mark a few hours before I would have to. UGH! Not fair. Totally not fair.

The later you leave on Sunday, the more expensive. I'm positive that the airlines know this.. they know we don't want to leave early! If I were to leave at 6:45am on Sunday, it would save me nearly a hundred dollars. Insane.

Oh, there's also that whole hotel business. And a rental car. And food. Blah.

My parents have this idea that we will drive down there [and save loads] of money. They will leave on Sunday pretty early and leave me in Lackland to spend time with Mark. Then I would fly back by myself & they'd be back in Nashville in time to pick me up at the airport.


This is too much to deal with. Money is really putting a damper on this exciting trip.

This is what Mark would have looked like if he chose the Navy instead! What a cutie:

But thank heavens he chose the USAF!

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