Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

I really need to loosen up a little bit. If not, I will surely have crows feet and forehead wrinkles before I turn 25! Sheesh. Really, things don't matter as much as I used to think. This ridiculous chocolate fraction lesson? ... I need to let it go. If it completely flops and sucks, who cares? It's just one lesson.

I really need to stop eating so darn much. I can't help it that I am in class for nearly 5 consecutive hours. and that there is a bagel shop right next to my building. and I cannot help that they serve delicious bagels. Oooh, especially the cinnamon raisin. with strawberry schmere. I should probably stop trying to fill this huge, gaping hole in my heart [caused by lack of Prince M] with calories, carbs, and fat grams. but they are so darn good, aren't they, diary?!

I really need to stop letting Prince M's letters/phonecalls [especially the lackthereof] determine my happiness for the day. Chances are, I won't hear from him. That's just how it is. and I need to let it go.

Diary, I need to chill out. If Prince M were here, he would tickle me to death and then get mad because I'm too tense, too stressed, and too sad about everything.

Diary, I'm getting over it.

Princess S.

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