Sunday, February 15, 2009

hunky husband survey!!!

My Hunky Husband!

1) What's his name?
Prince Charming

2)How long have you been married?
1 month and 5 days.

3)How long did you date?
oh 2 and a half years. Almost.

4)How old is he?

5)Who eats more?
He puts food down like a garbage disposal. I can't imagine how much food he is putting away at BMT right now... although, since he left, I am eating a LOT more. Bring on the food!

6)Who said, "I love you," first?
I really don't know. Probably him.

7)Who is taller?
Him! By 8 inches. I look like a midget in our wedding pictures..

8)Who sings better?
him.. he always tried to get me to sing when we first started dating.

9)Who is smarter?
He is street smart, and I am book smart. I'm pretty naive when it comes to some things.

10)Who's temper is worse?
Him. definitely. I mean, he isn't a crazy hot-headed husband or anything. but I can talk out my feelings much more easily.

11)Who does the laundry?
Laundry? What laundry. It's hard to have laundry when you don't live together! Or in the same state, for that matter.

12)Who does the dishes?
Okay, he LOVES to do dishes. Okay, love is a strong word for dishes. He really thinks he is the best dish-washer ever. I hate washing dishes. Something about left over food on a plate grosses me out.. ICK! Dish washers were created for a reason.

13)Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
If you're looking at the bed, I'm on the right! Always. I stole his spot on his bed :] I can't stand it any other way.

14)Who pays the bills?
We don't have bills yet :D Well, I do have a cell phone bill. and insurance. So I guess that means me.

15)Who mows the lawn?
We don't have a lawn yet :[ Let me get back to you.

16)Who cooks dinner?
During the one week we were living together, we didn't eat at home. Not once. Okay okay, I did eat Fruity Pebbles with my organic fat-free milk. We kept thinking this would be our last meal together. Then.. we got 2 more days.. haha.. We ate out a LOT that week!

17)Who drives when you are together?
Him!!! Thankfully.. I hate driving!

18)Who is more stubborn?
Me. I guess.

19)Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
That would definitely be me. I can't stand a fight! I will just take all the blame sometimes just to avoid an argument. Okay, that rarely happens. But it has been known to occur ;]

20)Whose parents do you see the most?
Mine!!! Definitely. We rarely see his family.

21)Who has more friends?
That would be M. He is super friendly.

22)Who has more siblings?
Him.. he has 4, technically 5, and I only have 1 sister.

23)Who wears the pants in the family?
Him! and I'm proud of it!!