Friday, February 13, 2009

Could it really be true?!

Yes, folks, they have arrived! I can hardly believe it. They aren't amazing ... but they're fine! I'll just put some of the highlights up for those of you who didn't make it to the wedding! Namely my sister's friends.

There are loads more on facebook. So go have a lookie.


So today was a total party, in my book. I got to go to a Valentines "party" .. aka pack H around for an hour and a half and eat Doritos! Oh, and sip Capri Suns while watching Over the Hedge. Then me and the sister & the kiddos went to Mr. Gatti's! What fun. I beat my high score on the Spongebob Game and won C 25 tickets! woohoo! Then we came back to the house, ate cheese curls, and watched kinda paid attention to Mulan. Then we me & the sister watched my wedding! Again. And then, of course, I got the wedding pictures. At 8:30pm. Insanity. Most nights, I'd be in my pj's in bed by 8:30pm! He is lucky that I was at a party, so I wasn't asleep yet.


Okay, kiddie slumber party .. big deal!

That is all. No news from Mark today. But tomorrow is a national holiday. I hope those mean old TI's keep that in mind!


  1. Whoo! Finally! I went on FB and looked at are so gorgeous! I'm glad we got to be there.:] We love you two!

  2. our friend Aleksey filmed it all, and you are so cute trying to light your sparkler! :D hehehe.