Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who me!? Not me!!

Oh, who am I kidding?! I can NEVER wait for Monday!! Plus, Mondays are always too busy with school work :\ So here you go!

This week, while in my assessments class [which lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes], I did not take the slice of lemon from my lemonade and proceed to suck out all the juice to wake myself up. Not only would that be bad for the enamel of my teeth, but that would be a tad bit grody!

Earlier this week, I was assigned the task of creating three goals with two objectives each for a specific Individualized Education Program. I did not take the liberty of googling "examples of IEP goals and objectives" and copy them straight from the net. I certainly have more creativity than that. and I pride myself on my school work! I would never do that kind of thing!

I did not wear a pizza sauce-stained jacket to school on Monday and Tuesday. and I did not wear pizza sauce-stained pants to school on Monday! First of all, I always wash my clothes each time I wear them. and stained clothes in public? Ew. I would never be seen wearing stained clothing!! Gross!

On Tuesday night, I did not totally get a kick out of playing finger puppets with C. I did not get so into the part of Hairy Head Giraffe that I asked Panda Bear, "Sooo.. are ya married?" To which C replied, "Nope, gotta boyfriend, though!" I then did not reply, "A BOYFRIEND?! But you're a BOY!! Ewwwww!!!" .. C quickly did not fix that by saying, "I mean.. a wife!" Ha. Certainly not me.

I also did not chase C around the house trying to get a picture of him with the puppets like a mad woman. When he says no, I take the hint and leave him alone. I would never drag him around the house for optimal lighting for my crappy cell phone camera and then insist he sit smack-dab in front of the couch so I could take a picture!

[Note: This picture does not exist]

Boy, I love to eat out. I mean, I love it. Especially sea food. So, on Saturday afternoon, mom and I went to Red Lobster! Mmmm. I was starving... so when the waitress brought over those delicious cheesy biscuits, I did not eat two of them. Then I did not eat a salad with fattening honey mustard & my entire meal of pick-two shrimp [scampi & breaded, thanks for asking!!], & I did not devour two MORE cheesy biscuits.. bringing the total to four. They are only 160 calories per biscuit.. which equals 16 points in Weight Watcher Land :\ That would be totally insane. and I have a little something called self control.

Today, [Sunday] I had lunch at Linzie's.. which is my most favorite restaurant EVER. Go check it out. Anyhow, I did have the buffalo chicken sandwich with potato soup. Golly, it was good!! Then I went home. As soon as I got home, I did not eat a second lunch.. which did not consist of biscuits & gravy, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a piece of sausage. I am not filling the hole in my heart from Prince M's absence with food!! I would never do something like that. First of all, I strictly follow Weight Watchers. at all times. So I would never eat a ton of food like that!! Puhlease.

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