Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yippie skippie!

Have ya ever sprayed your pillow with your lover's cologne because you miss him desperately & secretly pretend that your memory foam pillow is their chest?

Have ya ever carried your phone with you EVERYWHERE. In your hand. Not in your pocket. Because you couldn't bear to miss a call from your lover?

Have ya ever written a letter daily to your lover just so you'd feel closer to them?

Have ya ever watched a dvd created by your lover with secret love messages for you to watch while he is gone?

Have ya ever gone to Build A Bear and created a stuffed animal with a recorded sound device in its hand with your husband's voice?

Have you ever avoided discussing your lover's career because you don't want to face the world with a million questions and feel like you have to defend your lover's choice of career & the life choices that come with it?

.. I have!!!! :]

Great news: Mark called!! That definitely calls for a celebration. In my world, celebration = blog.


So he called during my collaboration night class, and I ran out and answered my phone, of course!! At first the reception was yucky, but then it got better! His flight competed against two others, and Mark's flight won! So they got a patio break. He was awarded 4 minutes of phone time [but really it only amounted to a measly 2. But I'll take what I can get.] He said he has been getting my letters, and he's been writing me too! Except the stinky TI won't let them mail their letters yet. Rawr. He said that he will try to mail them on Sunday if he is allowed. He also reported that this week is much easier - less yelling & less push ups! His first dorm check is tomorrow. Then I will know what kind of housekeeper prince charming is!!

I asked if he was getting any skinnier.
He thinks he's probably gaining weight from all the food they're serving him! Ha. Yeah right. Boy sure does have a distorted body image! :]

I really can't remember anything else. Each time he calls, I'm in a daze. Like, "Wow.. I really am talking to him!!" Then, before I know it, it's "I have to go now. I love you.. I miss you, bye!!" ... Then I can't remember a thing!!! Rats.

So I walked back into my classroom with an awkward smile.
I sat down, and my friend asks me if my hubby called!
Then I started to cry.
In front of everyone.
Then everyone stared at me & said, "Awww..." ..
Then my teacher hugged me!
Then I cried some more, while frantically trying to wipe them away!
But it's okay :]

I'm so proud of hubby.

Now, you honestly didn't think I'd blog something and not include a picture, did you!?!
Nah, I knew you knew better than that!


  1. Aw! I'm so glad he was able to call again! That is awesome.:] I can't wait for you two to be together again!! Love you!

  2. Oh oh oh, PS! Nat's has a great supply of Burt's Bees! As does Kroger! Well, at least the one on the bypass.;]