Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that I met Prince M at church? And did you know that what really got us talking was French!?

... I hate French. Okay, okay... hate is a strong word. I really dislike it. I'm no good at it.

...which is how I met Prince M! So he was a German major and a French minor. How artsy of him. Me? I was a nursing major... with completely different interests in school! We can't remember if I searched him on facebook first or the other way around. Regardless, Prince M thought of this clever little idea:

at 8:49pm on August 20th, 2006
I see that your taking economics 202. I wonder if you would help me with that if I ever needed some assistance? we could exchange services your economical skill and my minor in french skill

How slick of him. Really, I must applaud his skills. That never really happened for a while. After that, we met at Barnes and Noble almost daily. He distracted me every single night. I never got any studying done for Anatomy 2. It was awful. But it was delicious.

Then I got a C in Anatomy 2. Embarrassing. Whoops. Then I got a D in Econ 202.. even a bigger whoops. Eventually, I started going to his econ 203 class with him, and he came to my New Testament class with me! He even took a New Testament test and wrote his name as John Piper.


Dr. Trafton even graded it and called out the names. He repeatedly called out, "John Piper? John Piper???" ... I know he knows who John Piper is.. anyway..

so that is how we began. Eventually, I got off my high horse and began studying again. Kind of.

and I'll have you know that I'm a President's Scholar at WKU. He kind of rocked my fall semester of 2006 a little too much.

and now we're husband and wife. and he's now rocking my boat again due to his absence, and I'm having some serious issues with concentrating in school. Hehe.

This is from my very first scrapbook. and it just so happens to be our very first photo together - taken on the day we started dating! sitting in the aisle of Foreign Languages in Barnes & Noble. Cause it's his favorite :]

...and here's a picture of me not paying attention in Microbiology Lab :D

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