Sunday, February 15, 2009

a whole lotta pictures

So, I'm a sucker for anything Air Force. Okay okay, I had to buy a hat for Gourmet Foods. I really didn't have a hat. Really. So buying one for $17 online is totally logical. Totally.

Here is my Deployment Bracelet. Granted, M is not deployed, but he is gone. I wear it daily :]

It has three charms - this little fighter dude [which is totally relevant since hubby learns allll about M-16's this week!], a cross, and a little charm that reads Air Force.

Oh guys, guess what!? I broke all rules and bought a pre-made scrapbook. But I'm really excited about it. Here's a peek!

Oh, that last one isn't part of the scrapbook. But I just know ya'll love my little face.

I have this little IEP assignment [that's Individualized Education Program, for those non-exceptional ed majors out there!] and I'm totally lost. What in the world. Goals? Objectives? I am happily clueless! However, I just found out on Thursday that I will never be responsible for communication and hearing/vision goals. Thank heavens!

I've already got my Not Me post stirring in my head... I think I might post it tonight. Mondays are HORRIBLE.


  1. Where did you get that scrapbook?!

    I'm so glad your hat finally arrived! Way to represent! Annnd that deployment bracelet is neat! I didn't know there were such things! It is super special, though.:]

    PS You are so cute!

  2. It's from Hallmark! It was $22.. I didn't take pictures of the left side of the book, but each page has questions about the wedding.. like: what foods did you eat, what did the bridesmaids wear, what family members came to the wedding, etc. I am a FREAK about documenting our life with scrapbooks and pictures.. so I can totally justify spending that much money for a scrapbook! heck yes.