Friday, March 12, 2010

the big sister.


My FormSpring has been a big hit -- I've answered 98 questions to date. Some of you have come up with some extremely deep, creative, thought-provoking questions! I've been asked about everything from parenting, to Christianity, to trying to conceive, to divorce*, my feelings on certain topics, and plenty of light-hearted questions! I love it!

Someone asked me how I would prepare Piper for our baby. I'm tickled pink (or blue?) to see Piper be a "big sister" to our Pumpkin Seed. I'm fairly confident that she'll do a fantastic job.

She has been around my nephews her entire life (obviously!) We would even take her to soccer games and let children romp all over her. She has been smothered, picked up, wallered-on, kissed, etc. by tons of children. While she was home with us in February, she was in love with C&H :)

While my sister would insist that Piper "attacked" H, I know full well that she was only loving on him. And after a couple days, she acted like H wasn't even there! She loves to lay around cuddle people, so I know she will be a great big sister! Piper doesn't have an aggressive bone in her little white body.

And I know that she'll love having a new best friend to romp around with. Can you believe that by this time next year, I'll have a little chunky baby? And Piper will have three masters?

Wicked cool! :)

*Not about Mark and I divorcing, but about the high divorce rate in America.

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  1. Oh sheesh! This reminds me that we need to start training Lils in preparation for our baby.