Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A week from today, Mark and I will be at the Virginia Aquarium with Clayton and my parents! Yep, just one more week until they come to visit. We still don't have an itinerary planned out, but it will definitely be five days of fun in the sun - with lots of good food and sites to see!

I was scheduled to have an ultrasound today, but due to "technical difficulties," it has been rescheduled for Monday. It isn't so bad - each day, our baby grows more and more, and we'll be able to see even more details on the screen! Hopefully we get some very detailed photos and an educated guess of the gender of our babe.

Speaking of which - what do you think we're having? A boy or a girl?

If you're into those old wives tale things...
-I don't crave sweets or candy. I just want hamburgers.
-The texture of my hair has changed, and it's weird. In a bad way.
-This baby has killed my complexion.
-Nausea hasn't been too bad; only threw up 5 times.
-The Chinese Gender Predictor says it's a girl.

Mark is off running 5 miles since some commander (?) wants everyone to run.

Piper is self-grooming like a cat.

I've developed some kind of severe allergies to Virginia. Sneezing is nearly as common as breathing now. Please, pass the Kleenex... aaachoooooo! ;]

I have no plans to cook an Easter lunch; maybe we'll go to Cracker Barrel. Pathetic, right? It just isn't any fun to cook a big meal for two people.

That about covers it. See you tomorrow!


  1. haha. very to the point. Also, I KNOW it's a girl. I just know it.

  2. Definitely a girl!! :) Eeek! I'm so excited for you to find out!!!!!

  3. So I completely agree with making a huge huge holiday meal for two people! I've thought so far ahead as Thanksgiving and Christmas and I can't help but groan and hope we might get invited to someone else's ThanksgivingDinner! haha Am I awful?

    Oh and Gerrit is allergic to England. It happens to everyone, I guess.

  4. I have to say, I don't know. Maybe either one. But, since it seems like you want a girl, I hope it's a girl. :)

    I hope you have fun with your family. Family fun is always great! You don't have to plan anything, just go with the flow! :)

    And, the pt at our base, they have to run 6 miles every other day at PT. So, five miles, isn't nothing compared to every other day of running 6 miles, but I wonder why he wants them to run, if it's something new. :/ hmmm

    Well I Hope you have a great day, and hope you get everything you want when your family gets there. :D

  5. wow, Mandy!!! They usually run 1 mile. But today they played dodge ball for PT ;] I can't believe they have to run that much at Whiteman! I would surely die, lol. It would be hard for me to run ONE mile...

    I want a girl & boy equally. I've been around boys more, so I'm "better prepared" for a boy. But I also think daughters are sweet, and I would love to see Mark with his little girl! :) I want both genders eventually, so it doesn't matter which one comes first!

    (although I know I'm not "guaranteed" both genders.. but we can all dream, right!? :))

  6. I keep saying girl. But I keep feeling boy. I'll be right, either way! Hehe.

    I can't wait for your u/s!

  7. correction I never run 1 mile in Pt, it's always 3 miles. I love you Shannie <3

  8. Better be a girl, your family has too much testosterone...not that that's a bad thing. Just hoping for a girl for the fam! Btw and totally off subject, I have a list for you and your mom. :) Have a good time next week!