Saturday, April 3, 2010

today's agenda:

I haven't blogged in two days! Yowzers! Sorry. I've got blogger block. Can't think of what to write!

But today we are going to Williamsburg. You know - to study our nation's rich history and to learn all about the settlers that founded this great country.

Just kidding. We're actually going to shop at the outlets there. But I do love history. A whole lot. But Williamsburg costs $40 per person.. and, well... once was enough.

When we come home, I will definitely blog. About something. So just get ready for that. Whatever that may be.

Oh, and right now? Piper is laying on Mark's chest as he sleeps. I would just like to throw this out there: Piper would never EVER wake me up. She knows better than to wake her mommy. But Mark? She has no problem crawling all over him at the crack of dawn to get him out of bed. Piper totally has Mark wrapped around her little paw. She even snaps her jaw to show him who's business! Can you believe it? *snicker snicker*...

I woke up sickly. Which is why I'm up so early. But it's nothing that a Powerade slush from Sonic won't fix.

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