Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm heading into my 16th week of pregnancy. Today, I feel pretty good. Yesterday I threw up; my nausea is very random and unpredictable. But all is well, and one week from today we will know for sure if I am carrying a beautiful little girl or a handsome little boy.

I have really only ever been around little boys, with the exception of one special little girl. I am used to dinosaurs, playing rough, and "playing cars." So the idea of playing house with my (possible) daughter is bizarre to me! I also can't imagine buying shoes to match outfits, hair accessories, purses, and the like. But I am so excited to know with certainty if a son or daughter is in our future!

Our homecooking plan is going great! I have a list of recipes that I'm eager to try next week -- Recipes that my mom has always used, but I've been "afraid" to try. Because, you know, nothing ever turns out as good as what your mom makes. Well, maybe not your mom, but my mom cooks like a southern dream, so it's hard to come close to her abilities!

We've decided on a name for a girl. We think. Pretty sure. If you recall, our son's middle name would be named after our West Highland Terrier. Our daughter's middle name will be named after Mark's most favorite candy bar. Both are very normal, beautiful names, so don't think I'm weird or anything. His/her first name is being kept under wraps until their birth day.

I've begun scrapbooking my pregnancy, which is extremely fun for me! Combining crafts with photography is wonderful. I will take photos of my pages with Mark's iPhone tonight and let you get a glimpse of Punkin's scrapbook. My greatest fear in life is growing up and not remembering anything. Such as, "I can't remember how I felt during pregnancy." Or, "I don't know when you took your first steps.. and I can't remember your first words." Not like I'll have Alzheimers or something, but I'm scared of forgetting the little things in life.

So, I have a little obsession with photographing everything (as you can see) and scrapbooking the big things in life. I also have a little fantasy of my children swooning over my scrapbooks in their older years and passing them down to my grandchildren. Isn't that just so cute? I, for one, would love to look at my grandmothers' scrapbooks from their lifetime. If they had scrapbooking around back then. How cool would it be to have so many photos and mementos from your parents or grandparents? So that's my driving force in scrapbooking.

I would like to scrapbook each year of each child's life. But if I have 2 children, that's 2x18, which is 36. And 36 scrapbooks is a tad extreme. Not sure how I'll ever work that out, but I want my children to have mementos from their childhood that they can always keep.

Tonight we will be trotting off to small group. No big plans for the remainder of the week. My trip home is inching closer and closer. I can't believe that when I go home, I'll be 21 weeks pregnant with a significantly larger belly than "normal." Excited is an understatement. I am sad about leaving Mark for 11 days, but my military wives certainly know that 11 days is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. He and Piper will be fine, and I will be snuggling a brand new baby.

Am I for real getting another nephew in less than 6 weeks? It hasn't even set in. And, frankly, the fact that we will have a baby with us in less than 24 weeks is unreal too!!

And this has concluded the most random blog post ever. Talk about rambling!! :)


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  2. Oh Shannon I love this post! I love the idea of scrapbooking. I do it, and plan to do it for our kids too! I can't believe we are so close to having our babies in our arms. :) It excites me so much! It seems just like yesterday we told everyone that we were pregnant. ;)

    I can't believe your nephew will be here soon either! Thats amazes me!! I'm like Tara I can't wait to see pictures!

    Also i love the fact that you love to take pictures, I love to take them too. I take my camera almost everywhere I go. People think I'm nuts but I can't help it. I'm hoping soon to have a better camera, even though the camera I just got I got for Christmas, it's not the one I want, but I'm very happy to have it.
    Please keep updating while you are home! :)

  3. Oh I will most DEFINITELY be updating when I'm home!! Hopefully, Mark and I will switch phones and I will take his iPhone (original plan, actually!) so I can take videos of Graydon and the boys and stuff while I am home! My current phone doesn't send videos, so I love that our iPhone can do it! :) :)

  4. Cute post! I love the whole scrapbooking idea! My grandparents actually have photo albums full of pictures and tickets and mementos of everything they have done throughout the years. Like when they met back in 1950 and up until my Grandmother passed away back in 2005.. But the memories that they have showed us via photograph and everything are amazing! So I think that it's great that you want to scrapbook for your kids so hopefully one day your grandchildren can see them!

    and maybe instead of scrapbooking every year maybe you could do it by like the beginning years. a couple on preschool and elementary school years. one on middle school and one in high school or something? So you don't have 36 scrapbooks to do you know?! oh btw love how you guys figured out the middle names for your future child! How adorable!

  5. OMG! I can't believe you're already 16 weeks! Now I know how you felt with my pregnancy zooming by! Crazy!

  6. Hi Shannon!

    You've probably been wondering why your Traffic Feed is showing up that someone from Dundee in the UK has been camped out here for like a day so I thought I'd introduce myself. I only discovered your blog yesterday and instead of studying for my final on Thursday I've read everything single one of your posts (oops) and now I feel like we're old friends.

    I'm Colette, a little older than you (25), live on a different continent and my boyfriend and I aren't married *yet* but you and I have a lot in common; all I want is to be a SAHM someday, I love everything to do with babies and kids, especially checking out baby products. Oh and one more thing, my boyfriend and I love eating out too.

    Your write so well and I love your honesty, most of all I'm so excited about your baby - I love following pregnancies. Can't wait to read along and see your family growing.

  7. lol what? No. I said our SON'S *middle* name has to do with a West Highland Terrier, not Piper. And our daughter's *middle* name is after Mark's favorite candy. And, yes, it is Reese. We would never name our child Piper. lol.