Wednesday, April 28, 2010

15 weeks! (and 5 days)


How far along are you?
15 weeks 5 days

Total weight gain: 2.5lbs

Sleep: It's okay. I sleep on my back a lot, which is very odd for me. I can no longer sleep on my stomach at all because it's very uncomfortable.

Best moment this week: Being able to cook supper and not get sick!

Movement: When I lay down on my back, I can sometimes feel a little "thump thump" at random intervals. And it isn't every day. I've felt it the past two days, though! Sometimes when I'm sitting on the couch, I'll feel like a little pinky finger poked me from the inside. Just one prod, though, and then it stops.

Labor signs: No way!

What do you miss? Eating or drinking whatever I want, sleeping comfortably, not having to get up to use the restroom during the night, not throwing up at 9:15am, not being soooo sensitive to smells, not feeling the urge to cry at church each week*

Weekly wisdom: Um, I still don't have wisdom. Haha.

*Yes, I cry every week at church. It's absurd, and there's no reason for it. If I see a child at church, I want to cry. If someone gets baptized, I want to cry. But especially if a child is baptized.. Sheesh! I'm like an emotional wreck sometimes!


At 16 weeks.. (2 days from now), Punkin will be..

-The size of an avocado
-4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces
-Legs are much more developed
-Head is much more erect
-Eyes have moved closer to the front of the head
-Ears are close to their final position
-The patterning of his scalp has begun, though locks aren't recognizable yet
-Growing toenails

Our pregnancy is just moving right along now!

I would just like to add that this entire blog post has been written with my nose stuffed inside my shirt. I'm so sensitive to smells. And there is some kind of smell in here that is not jiving with Punkin. At all. Mark "can't smell it," but I can. This pregnant nose is going to be the death of me.


  1. Hello baby Cox! (S)he has really grown a lot this past week.

    You're looking really fantastic Shannon. Hope you start feeling a little better soon.

  2. Look at you! And you've only gained 2.5lbs?!? Makes me feel like a whale!! But you've thrown up way more then I have! You look so pretty in these pictures. Gosh I can't beleive our babies are getting so big!

    I can smell things Matthew can't smell. Drives me up the wall sometimes. Well I hope you stop throwing up, and things get better for you! :) You look great!

  3. aww, thanks guys! The other day I had gained 4lbs, but I weighed myself this morning and I lost 2lbs. Haha. You're definitely not a whale! But my clothes are becoming limited. My maternity shirts are too big right now (like.. way too big), but my regular shirts are too small.. so I'm stuck in the middle! :\ But thanks for all the compliments!

  4. Soo cute! I love your baby updates! :D When I was *sure* the pokes I was feeling were our babe, I would poke my belly and push on it just to feel him kick back. Hehe.

  5. Aww Shannon you look great! I hope you get over the smells thing soon! That has got to be rough for sure.

  6. You are looking good kiddo....take care of yourself AND take car of my grandchild.
    Love You - DAD

  7. Shannon your baby bump is gorgeous! I love it! Congratulations on feeling the movements too!

    Haha in your other entry when you mentioned naming her after a candy bar I immediately thought of the movie "Where the heart is". Please tell me she's not going to be little Brownie Cox! ;)

  8. You look great! The two smells I have a problem with, are cigarette smoke & beer. I could somewhat tolerate them before but now there is no way so it's hard to go to any sporting event or restaurant even that serves beer because I can smell it across the room, & just being out in public I really noticed how many people smoke, it's so hard to get away from it now. BTW, as for your shirts, try getting regular clothes just a size bigger than normal. I saved a lot of money that way since maternity shirts are so much more expensive. I got several shirts at Hollister from their clearance section for only $6.00 each, just in a size bigger & have worn them throughout my pregnancy.


  9. Can I just say that your baby bump is just TOO cute? Oh my goodness! You're just adorable!!!