Monday, April 19, 2010

snout-lickin good & recently:

Oh, yes, our dog will eat just about anything. In fact, I can't really think of anything she won't eat. Today, I caught Piper lickin' her chops for something mama had...

Can you guess what?


what's that thing in her mouth!?


it's a pickle!



baby girl loves to suck on pickles!


Ha! She's too funny. She isn't very interested in eating the pickle, but she surely loves to suck out all the juice! And, I know -- it looks like our Piper is bald in those photos. When she's submissive, her ears go flat back, and she looks like a little bald grandma. Hehe!

My mind's been all busy over here. I've (we've) decided to change our prospective (not-definite yet) daughter's middle name. I have an idea of what I want now, but I'm still unsure. Tonight, after Mark is done studying (for CDCs, for your military wives out there), we're going to search baby girl names. There are just so many.

I've also been trying to plan my best friend's bridal shower. I've been trying to come up with games -- any ideas? I'm pretty sure I have one good one. We never played any games at my showers, and I only know of baby shower games. Tips? Ideas?

And did I mention that I will for sure be back home in Kentucky from June 4-16th? For the bridal shower and Sprout's birth, of course! What -- you didn't think I could miss a nephew of mine being born, did you!? No way! Cannot wait to love on my little Sproutolicious!

15 days until our 3D/4D ultrasound. Cannot wait to see our little one again! Hopefully our baby will be awake, active, and completely photogenic. We are extremely excited about it since we will be getting a definite gender call! Yay!

And that's about it! :]


  1. Oh my goodness, Piper is just too cute! I should try to give my dogs pickles. I'd say, though, that they would DEFINITELY eat them!

    And, I can't wait to hear all about your 3D/4D ultrasound. They are just so cool. A lot cooler than the regular, "boring," 2D ultrasounds, if you ask me!

  2. Wow, Piper is a hoot. I can't believe she had a pickle in her mouth! lol! So funny. My jaw dropped! I'm so happy you get to go home in July! Maybe your family will throw you a surprise baby shower! Wouldn't that be amazing?

    I wish I could help out with games, but I have no clue. :( Sorry.

    I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your ultersound! Mine will be done at the end of May. When I'm 20 weeks. They say thats the best time to see what you're having. So, I'll go with that! I can't wait to hear about the middle name either! I bet it's going to be amazing!

    Shannie you're a great friend! I love your posts, keep posting!

  3. hehe piper is adorable! Addie likes to eat celery and carrots... weirdo!

    Anyway for games... it wasn't totally wedding related, but it was SO much fun. the room is split into say groups of 4 and each group is given a list of random items (such as toothpaste, sewing kit, ibprofen, book, ketchup packet, etc etc) and in each group, you had to see how many items on the list you could come up with using only what you have in your purse or car and you only have like 10 minutes to do it. It was HILARIOUS with everyone running around to come up with things on the list. Whichever group had the most at the end of the 10 minutes each got a prize.

    You could even make it wedding related and make a list of things that could be taken on a honeymoon?