Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's always fun to imagine what our baby might look like. Will (s)he have curly hair like me? Or straight hair like Mark? Light brown hair or blonde hair? Will (s)he inherit Mark's pretty blue eyes or my brown ones?

You know, I didn't really get my curly hair until I was about two! But the trichohyalin gene has to come from both sides, so I'm betting that our child has straight or wavy hair! :)

Little baby Markie! Look at how little and blonde. And with hair that can be parted! Adorable!

Toddler Markie. All I can do is giggle to myself. And think What on earth is that Santa's Helper wearing? Boxer shorts?!

As for me....

ah! I want to dress my daughter in this outfit!!!

little blonde, straight hair!

and don't worry, my curly hair came so fast that my mom didn't know what was up!

Boy, I can't wait to see our little one in October! We find out the gender for sure in eleven days! I'm so excited to see our child kick and swim around on the ultrasound. Hopefully we can get some clear shots of the face! I am soo excited! Mark came home yesterday and said that he is "ready for our child to be OUT!" Can you tell that we love our little baby? :)


  1. Do you have specific characteristics you want your baby to have? Like Mark's nose or your ears?? I hope at least one of my kids has Gerrit's black and his ears. He said his ears were HUGE when he was a baby so I'm guessing he grew into them. They are really cute ears though haha!

  2. hehe! Well, I think it would be great to have a son that looks JUST like Mark. Like his little mini-me. I love when little boys look juuust like their dads :) But since we THINK it's a girl, I hope she has curly hair.. I really, really want to pass it on to my daughter! The hair color doesn't really matter to me. I had blonde hair as a child, so our kid will probably have blonde hair when they're little! Oh, and I want one child to have Mark's blue eyes and one to have my brown eyes :) I'm not TOO picky, am I? Hehe!

  3. Shannon, you and Mark were adorable babies and toddlers! So, so cute!! I'm absolutely certain that your little baby will be absolutely beautiful! I hope she has curly hair, too, because I wish I had curly hair, but I'm stuck with stick-straight and it's no fun! In fact, my mom wanted me to have curly hair so badly that she started giving me perms at 4! Yes, 4! Hahaha!

  4. lol! brittany, that's hilarious!!! when my hair turned curly (literally overnight), my mom didn't know WHAT was up!! :D it was such a shock. haha! curly hair is so cute on little girls... i'm hoping!!!!

  5. do you know where that outfit is? good luck finding it at mom's (=
    did you notice i'm in every picture - you were like my little baby doll!!!

    big sis

  6. very cute pics...but taking a close look... "Santa's helper" is a hoot...what in the world?!