Monday, April 12, 2010


On Thursday, we took a drive to Virginia Beach to visit the aquarium. I'd never really been to an aquarium like this, that I can remember, so it was a neat (new) experience! The highlight of the trip was definitely the 3D Imax educational video we saw! I love 3D videos - so fun! Not sure if Clayton had ever seen a 3D video like this before.

The 3D-ness was amazing and it was *really* like the fish were coming right towards you. At one point, they showed two water snakes, and it was as if they were swimming right to your head. We all watched Clayton try to "touch" the sea creatures and hold his hand out to the screen. He kept trying to grab the fish - it was hilarious! He had no idea that we were watching him. Hehe.. so funny to watch!

This past week was spring break in Virginia, so the aquarium was packed. We waited in line forever to "pet" the animals (starfish, horseshoe crab, hermit crab, etc). C assured us that he would definitely pet them.

Well, we finally made our way up to the petting station, and he took one look at the horseshoe crab:

His face says it all. He wasn't going anywhere near that thing! :)

Afterward, we saw all sorts of fish - all so beautiful! We walked past sea turtles, alligators, sting rays, sharks, and so much more.

I really should have blogged each night, because I'm having trouble remembering all that happened. Terrible, I know. After visiting the aquarium, we headed home and walked around the outdoor mall area in my city. We were on the hunt for a Sophie the Giraffe teether for my newest nephew, Sprout. Sadly, we did not find one.

I will say, though, that Clayton really grew to love Piper. He begged me to let Piper sleep with him, but I thought that might cause problems. His behavior was always so good because he was just so happy and excited to be here :)

Tomorrow I will blog about our trip to the Richmond Children's Museum!


  1. It's so cute how he's wearing a shark shirt to the aquarium. Clever! ;) I always enjoyed aquariums...they're so fun!

  2. I think you can get Sophie the Giraffe from Let me know if you can't find it. :)