Thursday, April 29, 2010

a hat vote.

I have a little fascination with crocheted hats - for girls and boys. If you recall, I bought my littlest nephew, Sprout, a blue crocheted hat to wear in the hospital. It's basically the cutest thing ever. Regardless of the gender of our little one, (s)he will definitely be wearing many hats - especially since (s)he will be born in October.

But if our baby Punkin is a girl, well... she will have many hats. From Etsy, of course, because it's the cheapest! Well, I suppose that crocheting my own hats would ultimately be the cheapest. And, on that note, Mark does want me to learn how to crochet. But until (if?) I learn, I'm sticking to Etsy.

Today I came upon four little hats. So cute. So sweet. So edible. Won't you help me pick out your most favorite one? Leave me a comment, or tell me in person (Facebook) which hat you like the best. She (if it is a she) will have to be stylin' in the birthing center, don't you know?

from THIS Etsy shop
I love that little flower, but Mark says it's "goofy"
..As if..
(He'd better get used to flowery, frilly things!)

From THIS Etsy shop
Love the overall look of this hat
and the white ribbon adds a nice touch!

From THIS Etsy shop
Orange for our October Punkin!
We all know that orange is my favorite color...
but is it best for a newborn girl? You decide.

From THIS Etsy shop
This one is Mark's favorite.
The bow is definitely sweet, but it's white.
Which does look good on newborns but hard to keep clean.

So cast your vote and tell me which hat you would love to see our little one in! I love all four. Aren't those babies just... delicious? Nothing sweeter than a baby girl in a little hat. Mark wants me to check out books at the library and begin crocheting a blanket for our baby. Is that even possible? I know no one who crochets, other than my friend Brittany in Kentucky. And I still don't even know the difference between knitting and crocheting. Hehe. I just stick to Etsy ;]

Now let's hear it! A, B, C, or D?


  1. I like A and then D. They are all cute. Love, mom

  2. I love the hats as well, my daughter has many! My personal fave is the first one with the flower attatched...ADORABLE!!!
    Also, I learned how (kind of..ha!) to crochet by youtube videos! I can only go in a straight line, back and forth, back and forth, but, EVENTUALLY it gets big enough for a blanket =) GOOD LUCK!

  3. How delicious are those little babies?!

    I'm stuck between A and D. I prefer the ribbon over the flower but I love the pink. I vote A!

    I don't know the difference between crocheting and knitting either. I'm ashamed. I did try to learn to knit once (I was 12), I sucked, I couldn't even get started.

  4. I'd say D. All of them are cute though. If you are interested in crocheting, I'd recommend the book "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting!" I learned to crochet many years ago, but occasionally I get stuck and this book has been so helpful. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. I'm by far NO expert on crocheting, but I think it's way easier and less frustrating than knitting. =) Good luck!

  5. i also really like orange. and c is very cute! i vote for c!
    p.s. crocheting isn't too hard to learn how to do. there are a lot of videos on youtube and you can find a bunch of stuff just by googling it! i'm trying to teach myself right now! i *hope* i'll be able to finish a hat by the time our sweet baby gets here!

  6. B is my favorite.

    White looks great on a newborn -- and they're not that messy with hats. If you go for D that won't be a problem.

  7. I can make hats JUST like that, and if you let me teach you how to knit, you'll be able to, too! It's really not hard at all. Promise! My grandma taught me and it has created this amazing bond between us. I can't wait to teach my daughter (one day) to continue passing it on! I would be more than happy to teach you!!! And I like a and d the best!

  8. I think B.. That way you still get the white and pink and the orange you could pull out when baby cox is first born and into the fall but not much longer than that you know. So I think B is absolutely adorable..

  9. Get them all! :D

    I like C the best, though. Plus, it's! Sooo cute!

  10. I think A is my favorite, and C my second favorite. I just love the flower on A, and the pink is such a delicate sweet shade! They are all adorable though. :)

  11. i vote - hot pink with white ribbon - i love it!!!

    big sis

  12. Those are so cute! I think my vote would be B but replace that ribbon with a polka dotted white ribbon and it'd be perfect!

  13. I love the fact that you want your baby to wear a hat. :) I think it's a very cute idea. But I'm not a hat person, but I'm glad you are. If I had to choose, it would be A and C. I love the flower! It's so cute! And C because October, and it's fall, and it's perfect! Either one you choose will be perfect! :)

  14. I like B...they are all super cute but that one's my favorite. You should just buy them all. Hehe :)

  15. I'm with brittney. Get them all! :) haha. I like them all. I was thinking, though, that if you get D, you could change the ribbon for each outfit. Then it's like an endless amount of hats. :D

    But really. Just get D, and then you can just buy small pieces of ribbon. Stripes, plain colors, polka dots, etc, etc, etc. :)

  16. I like A and D the best :) I love hats. They have pulled out all the hats in England right now. They have the Ascot horse races which the Royal Family attends in June so everyone has to get there hats now .

  17. I love C. The colors and the style are classic and oh so cute!

  18. How about this one?? I was searching for some for my cousins little girl that will be born soon and thought you might like it!

    Kristin Fryer

  19. I look at all the choices of everyone and it's funny I was leaning towards A and D but then I also Say get them all beacause the month she will be born it will be cooler and you can get them to match her outfits :o) my neighbor knits and crochets and is always willing to teach so if you want to learn let me know....we could teach you to knit and sew....;o) then you could make clothes and hats for your little girl talk about saving some dough!! be blessed can't wait for tomorrow hoping it's a girl I can't wait to start making some stuff if it is...but either way I will start making stuff...LOL