Thursday, January 14, 2010

the most adorable addiction:

Hi. My name is Shannon.

And I have an addiction.

An addiction to Etsy. A little (big) site full of homemade "shops" where people sell their goods. I'm in love with a website. And tonight I made my first purchase for my newest nephew:

I bought the hat, not the baby, and I got it in the Newborn size so he can wear it home from the hospital. I know first-hand that those over-the-top nurses have a thing for keeping babies' heads warm. So they should love my little gift.

I can't wait to take a picture of him in his new little hat!


  1. I can't decide which one is cuter, the baby or the hat!! That hat is so sweet though... do they make ones for adult-sized heads?? :)

  2. Nope :[ just newborn or 3-6 months.. sorry! But Etsy has some REALLY cute crocheted hats!! I'm so in love with that website :] Plus, they sell pretty cheap (adorable) baby clothes!

  3. Shannon, OMG.

    Confession: I was totally bummed when I realized we (obviously) couldn't put those cute crocheted hats that Small Fry wears on our baby boy.

    Uh, HELLO?! I had NO idea there were boy ones! OMG! I am going to search for one now and buy it. That button is to die for! :D

  4. hehe! you are so cute!!! 95% of crocheted hats are for girls, so you have to sift and sift through the Etsy shops to find a boy one that's cute! I've got a little list going of Etsy items I love:[]=tags&includes[]=title

    (adorable if you called your child Peanut while (s)he was in the womb)[]=tags&includes[]=title

    I love Eric Carle and it's printed on the front & back. So cute. That book was one of my childhood favorites.

    :) I love love love Etsy!!!! It only stinks to have to sift through all the "shops" on there to find that ONE thing you love :)

    Happy browsing!

  5. If only I weren't a poor, starving (not really) college student! Ha! I could easily see myself racking up quite a large bill on that site! :)

  6. I have knitted a hat almost exactly like that one. Only mine is for a little girl and has a ribbon through the little eyelets, but I LOVE the boy's version. I think I'm going to have to try making one of those soon. How cute!

  7. CUTE. I'm excited to see all of the fun summer outfits. All we got with Ava were winter, so I'm excited to see pictures of a summertime baby. He will no doubt be adorable, just look at his brothers!