Thursday, January 7, 2010


This picture was taken by Chris the night that Chris & Brittney announced their engagement to us. I uploaded this picture on April 20, 2007, but I'm unsure of the exact date. You'd think that we would have taken a picture of them. But I think I had just gotten my phone, and we were amazed at the photo quality of it. At any rate...

Pretty neat! Seems like forever ago!

Brittney, can you remember where we were? The background should be a hint! :]


  1. Barnes & Noble, right? I think we met there because you had to study for one of your...teaching classes? :)

    OMG, it does seem like it was forever ago!

  2. I was still a nursing major back then, so I was prob studying for anatomy or something (EW!) !!!!!! but yes, it was B&N!!! we were in the little cafe part. So cute! :) Although I kind of think that me & M look EXACTLY the same..

  3. You were in nursing still?! I could've sworn you were doing one of those teaching projects you always had to do. :) I can't remember what they're called...but, uhm, I guess I'm confusing that with another time we were there and you were studying. Such a good student. :) I think Chris, Mark & I were always just looking at books and magazines. Hehe. :)

  4. B&N was the place to be! Mark and I would spend a lot of time there reading Climbing, car tuner, and fitness magazines. Mark would get about a dozen or so periodicals and just leave them on the table after he was finished looking them over. Good times.