Monday, January 18, 2010

stream of consciousness

I think today is a good day to do my very first stream of consciousness.

Piper is running up and down our hallways chasing ball with a (her) pillow in her mouth. Mark is home with me since it's MLK Day. We "celebrated" by going to Panera for lunch. I tried out a chipotle chicken sandwich with my favorite Asian sesame chicken salad. I thought the sandwich was a little weird. It had a huge slice of orange cheese on it. Mark scarfed his up, but I thought it was just okay. I ate a spoon-full of his potato soup, and it was delish.

Piper just fell off our couch. When Mark is home, Piper doesn't like to take naps. She likes to sit in his lap while he's at the computer and sit right under his feet. With me, she cuddles next to my legs and sleeps all day long. With Mark, she's an entirely different dog. It's bizarre.

Clayton called me this morning and talked my head off. His voice is high, and it's hard to understand him over the phone sometimes. Something about an alligator game. Later he told me about the Fruits of the Spirit. When I was five, I had never heard of the Fruits of the Spirit. Kids these days. He's coming to visit me in about 2 1/2 months. I'm beginning to create our tentative itinerary now. I remind myself of my dad in that aspect.

Hudsie talked to me on the phone too. He proudly showed me how he can say "it's hot" and "it's cold" and "cereal!" among other things. He still calls me "Shh" and someone needs to teach that kid how to say his favorite aunt's name!

Last night I had a nightmare that I missed Young & the Restless. I'm totally turning into my mom. It freaks me out a little, but I like it. Unfortunately, I missed the "clean house" gene that my mom sports. My bed is never made and I seriously hate doing dishes.

I think C looks like a grown boy in this picture:


Today is Monday, and I love Mondays.


  1. Young & the Restless will drive you crazy sometimes. I keep saying that I'm not watching it anymore but, then I always do! Love, mom

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  3. Lily is the SAME way with us! Did Mark play with Pi a lot when he came home? I ask because Bindi was the same way, and Chris played with both Bindi *and* Lily a LOT when they were puppies. Whereas I just enjoy(ed) their company, so I liked to just sit around with them and let them lay in my lap and sleep. :)

  4. Britt, yes!! That's it exactly! I don't really ever play with Piper.. like, ever! That sounds bad, but we're just best friends. She cuddles me, I kiss her, and I tell her that she's my soul mate. Mark is like her big buddy!

  5. I love C. He is so so so cute. :)