Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life's good.

Life really is good:

-I now own seasons 1 &2 of I Love Lucy - which I got for only $15 at Target. Life's good.

-I'm laying in bed with the fan blowing on setting 2. It feels great. Life's good.

-Mark's falling asleep next to me, and Piper's licking/grooming herself between us. Life's good.

-Tonight I had guacamole & chips from Chipotle. It was so tasty. Life's good.

-I got a free cookbook in the mail today, which I applied for a few weeks ago. Granted, it's all about the usage of raisins, which I never eat, but regardless... Life's good.

-I "got out of" cooking tonight, which I'm pretty excited about. Man oh man, Life's good.

-I'm caught up on laundry and dishes. Our bedroom and bathroom are clean. Our living room is looking pretty good! And so Life's good.

-MckMama commented on my blog today -- a joyous, exciting occasion! Life's very good.

-Mark came home 15 minutes late today. I expected the worse, but he popped in with a cleanly-shaven head. Now he looks like a soldier. Life's good.

-I spent the night laughing and chatting with my buddy, Tara. She's great, and life's good!

-I finished Exodus today. I'm, like, 2 days behind on my Read the Bible in 90 Days thing, but I will catch up! I just need to read the entire book of Leviticus tomorrow. Youch! The Bible's great, and life's good!

-Tonight I'm going to "wind down" by watching a few of the first episodes of I Love Lucy, one of my most beloved shows. Life's good!!!

-I'm super duper happy. I have a hott husband who serves our country and a ridiculously cute (and obedient) puppy.

Life's SO GOOD!


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  2. :) Mark got SO excited when I suggested Chipotle! I mostly want to go there for the guacamole. YUMMMM! and I'm glad I bright a glimmer of light into your life in Scumter :] I love you so much!

  3. I definitely think the worst when my hubby is late from work... and he's not even a soldier!

    Yay for getting through Exodus! You can definitely get through Leviticus... and Numbers. They seem daunting, but just give yourself permission to skim the parts that repeat and focus on one thing you want to emphasize (for me it was the "I am the LORD"s) and you'll be through in no time!

  4. Oh man.. I totally skipped through the specifics on how many "cubits" each structure was in Exodus. Talk about SUPER specific!! It was like chapter after chapter of specific building information. Ack!

  5. I'm so excited for you getting a comment from MckMama! That's amazing!!! =)

  6. you're precious. i love you. You're right. Life's VERY good :)