Tuesday, January 26, 2010

elementary memories

Elementary School. Ahh, the good old years! My librarian saved all the pictures from all the years, and she (and my mentor) gave me copies of the ones of me! The first picture dates back to 1994.. what a long time ago!

Without further ado, I now present my top 10 memories from elementary school:

1. Making really nice puppets in the 4th grade during a drama unit. We cut foam, designed a face (on our own -- mine had a long neck and nearly no jaw.. ), brought in clothes, bought doll hair, and glued on eyes. Mine had curly hair, and I dressed her in my teddy bear's clothes. So much fun!

2. In the 6th grade, we had an "Adventures of the Bailey School Kids" week. In celebration, I came up with the idea of dying our hair green to honor "Leprechauns Don't Play Baksetball." My mom bought me green hair dye, and it was so much fun!

3. Each year, during Book Fair week, I would save 25 cents each day so I could go to the book fair. Of course, I could only afford a bookmark or an eraser (good enough for me!) so I could get out of class. I had a serious obsession with Clifford erasers. No really. I would buy those character erasers @ the Book Fair and they would "live" in my desk as "pets." I was a weird child.

4. In the first grade, my teacher came up with this "beach week" or something. I barely remember it. On the Sunday night before beach week, I sprained my ankle doing who-knows-what. I couldn't walk at all. My dad had to bring me in the class, and my teacher got me a wheel chair. For some odd reason, she had a little box of sand sitting in the doorway that we had to cross over. I obviously had to hop over it, and it was terrible. Then I went to recess and sat in a wheelchair. It was horrible.

5. Struggling with telling time, multiplication, and cursive. It took me forever to learn double digit multiplication. Because of my 2nd grade teacher, I learned cursive a year later than my peers. And telling time was like a foreign language. Yikes!

6. Winning goldfish at the fall festivals. FUN! My absolute favorite thing ever!

7. Square pizza and corn on Fridays... really, is there anything better in life? I think not.

8. Playing house at every chance I got with my best friends. We had elaborate make believe stories about our children, husbands, and our pets. Once I even had a horse named Starburst (which was really a swing in real life). And, in the 3rd grade, my friend and I gave birth to babies when we were stuck inside for recess one day (due to rain). Looking back on it, I'm positive my teacher must have seen us pushing out imaginary babies. Wow.

9. Dissecting frogs in the 6th grade. We were given the option of dissecting them or going to recess. I, obviously, chose dissection. It was the highlight of my elementary years. I'll never forget it.. that cold, lifeless frog in my hands. It was unbelievable.

10. Open response writing. The Four Column Method is forever ingrained in my brain. Those "writing workshops" were the pits, but now I am a good writer -- so maybe I have my old writing teacher to thank. Who knows?

And, Natcher Kids -- let us not forget: Kids On the Block, Mr Sweeny, Jump Rope for Heart, library time with the world's best librarian, the awesome zip slide, playing "State Tag" during recess on the US map, chili suppers, and playing those xylophones during music class!!

1994 Fall Festival

3D on jumbo computers!!

drama skit in the 6th grade
we were the Spice Girls!

Man, I miss elementary school.. don't you!?


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  2. omg, I hated milk bags!! It did change the taste! And if you didn't put your thumb over the straw, milk would shoot out. Ahhh the good old years!! Especially since we all joked that they were really breast implants. Bwhahahaha.

  3. LOL Milk bags were so nasty. And I miss Mr. Sweeny! What a sweet man. Remember Mrs. Swack? I always thought she was cool because her first name was Minnie, like the mouse.

  4. Yes!! I do remember her! I've seen her pretty recently, too! She and her sons & grandchildren go out to eat together a LOT. What a nice nice lunch lady :)

  5. OMG! I did #3, too!!!!

    And I *never* had milk pouches. I never even heard of them until I met Chris in 2006. And he probably didn't ever mention them until 2007. Guess I'm glad I never had to go through that since they were gross. :)

    This was a neat idea. I hardly remember my childhood. Like, at all. :/ I probably couldn't list 10 things I remember from elementary school. I don't think I miss it at all, though. :)

  6. oh man, I *LOVED* elementary school!! I went to the best elem school and I have sooo many fond memories!! I had some amaaaaaazing teachers that I will never ever forget! :) *tear*

  7. I went to 5 different elementary schools. :)

  8. hahaha. I remember the milk bags. Do you remember the video they showed us when they changed from cartons to bags? I don't remember much of it, but I do remember that they showed a pile of empty cartons and a pile of empty bags, and the bags took up way less room.

    also, I LOVED the book fair too. Yeah, even if I only had .25 haha.

    also...I totally remember beach day! The box of sand. I completely remember that.

    also...I can name almost everyone in that picture of you guys as the Spice girls. hahaha.

    I also remember Mr. Sweeney. He died though, remember? :( When we were in like 9th grade. Sad day.

    And square pizza?!? Yes!! :)

    oh, Shannie. Why weren't we best friends in elementary school?

  9. because they never put us in the same class!! drat that!!!! I thought Natcher was SO great :) Best memories ever!! I remember when Mr Sweeney died! What a sad day :[ I wish we could go back to 1st grade!!!!!!

  10. Ahh I loved reading this it's great! I don't have a lot of elementary school memories I went to 5 different elementary schools growing up... So this was great and I LOVE the pictures too!

  11. So Sweet! I have a lot of the same memories. I wonder if our teachers realize the awesome impact they have made in our lives. Mr. Sweeny was awesome and I LOVE Mr. Stokes! I pick up children at Natcher all the time and he is the one who always puts them in my car...he REMEMBERS MY NAME! How cool is that??? Thanks for this post - I almost cried. Courtney Whobrey

  12. Shannon you are so sweet to post all of these!! It's people like you that make saving things like pictures, SO worth it!! because you are appreciative and sentimental and do cool things like this blog about it... = ) I hope that this generation of kids have as many sweet memories of Natcher as you do!!
    Love you!!

  13. I LOVED elementary school too! I went to Rich Pond and it was a great school too! Seriously, like everyone in our grade was best of friends...no one was picked on, it was great! We had a beach day once to...we got to bring in beach towels and we ate sea food like crab (well it was imitation crab but whatever) oh those day! I also had a fake wedding with Wes Drummond bc "we were going to be together forever" :] haha oh man!