Sunday, January 10, 2010

beginning of video week

we've been married ONE YEAR today! happy anniversary to us! I have a better video of us reciting our vows, but it's 2 minutes too long for YouTube, and I can't figure out how to shorten a video.

we can't wait to see what 2010 holds for our marriage!

but meanwhile, speaking of videos, I'm officially announcing that today kicks off VIDEO WEEK here at Fort Cox.

What does that mean!? your little heart inquires...

Well, I'm going to post a home video each day --Never before seen clippage of our extraordinary lives.

Tonight, I'm beginning with a video I like to call Dontcha Wish You Were There?!*

One of the highlights from our wedding day!
Alternately titled: Sparklers don't work in frigid January weather.
Alternately titled: Our wedding guests must really love us.
Alternately titled: HURRY! Line up!! I need to get this one shot!
Alternately titled: We have blazing crazy ideas.

C&B from Back to the Quarry were actually there, so they don't have to wish.


  1. I LOVE the sparkler idea! That's so pretty and creative!

    Happy Anniversary to you guys! You guys are so great together!


    And I will never forget the sparkler fun! I am so glad there's footage of it so it is forever ingrained in history. :) (Except what isn't ingrained is the 10 minutes it took to get the sparklers lit!) Haha!

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! You're the cutest couple!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! AND you looked BEAUTIFUL! I DO wish I could have been there. I love weddings!!

    I'm so excited about video week!