Thursday, January 28, 2010

ten tidbits about this toddler

July 2009

You and I have something in common: We're both missing out on Hudsie turning from a baby into a toddler. So much has changed since this little ball-of-rolls was one year old (see photo), but I'm here to update you on Sprout's other brother!

1. His favorite foods are: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, bananas, oatmeal

2. New words: chocolate, cookie, brownie, "It's cold/hot," calls Clayton "Cate," he can look at pictures of family members and say their names.

3. He lives to climb on anything -- couches, chairs, on bath tubs, ledges

4. He wants at least 2 blankets with him when he goes to bed or during naptime.

5. Hudsie backs up and sits on top of Clayton and wrestles with him.

6. He hates being left by his parents. He cries and cries when you leave him.

7. If he spots donuts in the kitchen from the living room, he points and says "I donut! I donut!"

8. He loves to run from you and be chased around.

9. He now weighs about about 30lbs.

10. He goes to bed at 8pm and he is woken up at 6am. He always takes a 2 hour nap around 10am.

July 2009

Stay tuned for tomorrow -- I interviewed Clayton over the phone, and I'll post his responses!


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  2. I also forgot this little tidbit: HE REALLY MISSES HIS AUNT SHANNIE!!!!!!!!

    Also, he refuses to "talk" to me on the phone. But I talk to him, and he sits and listens and smiles really big :] He also still can't pronounce my name ;]