Wednesday, January 6, 2010

we're going to the...

Yep, we have big plans for our anniversary: the 1535 degree vessel.

Did you figure it out? Didja didja?

Why, we're going to the Melting Pot, of course! 1535 degrees will melt iron, and a "vessel" can also be a pot. I'm clever, I know!

The Melting Pot is one of our most favorite spots ever. Sure, we've only been once before, but it was truly amazing. If you're from my hometown, you might be confused at what the Melting Pot really is.. naturally, we took pictures the last time we went:

Yummy yummmmy fondue! They bring you the yummiest veggies, meats, and salad, and you cook your own meal! It's quite an experience, and it's so fun!

I know that Mark is really looking forward to this:

dipped in this chocolately peanut-buttery goodness:

I'm truly excited because this will be the one time we eat out this month. In case you're confused about why we're going on Thursday when our actual anniversary is Sunday, it's because we get a special military discount on Thursdays. And I have a free chocolate fondue certificate since it's our anniversary! So our bill will be relatively cheap!

I'll be sure to take pictures of our big night out with Mark's iPhone! We're sooo excited about our yummy fondue! YUM!


  1. Aww yay! That sounds precious. I hope you guys have so much fun. We're expecting snow (gross) on Thursday night so I don't think we'll be doing much of anything around HERE, but I hope ya'll have a wonderful time!! I've never been to Melting Pot (even though we recently got one back home), but I've heard it's great. So have fun!!

  2. Clever, indeed! I didn't guess what it was until I saw the picture on my blogger dashboard. Then I knew instantly! Have fuuuun! I've never been to a MP, but only because I've heard it's expensive. Good thing you have coupons! I've only heard good things about it, though. :)

  3. It is expensive. But the first time Mark got me a rose (it was my 21st birthday), and we got the big meal that comes with cheese fondue, all that meat, a salad, and chocolate fondue.. it was $90 in the end after a tip. But this time we're getting individual smaller meals, not getting the cheese fondue, and we have a free chocolate fondue. We haven't been since b/c it's so high, but now that we have coupons, we decided to go! :) I think there is 1 in Louisville.. If you go to the Melting Pot's home page and sign up for their newsletter, they send you a free chocolate fondue coupon automaticallty!! :) I know MckMama loves this place too!! Fun! I hope you get to go someday!

  4. Yummy - makes me sooooo hungry - the meat is my favorite!!!!
    but - it did make my stomach hurt last time - remember my incident?

    big sis

  5. LOL! Omg, I will never forget it!! I can't believe that meat looks appetizing to you, considering how poopy Sprout is making you feel.

  6. Hope you have a great evening. Happy "early " Anniversary. Love you, DAD

  7. Soooo I've never been to the melting pot! We have one back home about 10 minutes away but no one would ever go with me and I know I won't find one anywhere near here either! So remind me to check it out the next time I go home because it looks so good!


  8. Have fun, Shannon! And enjoy!

    PS- I have no idea WHY it's saying I'm coming from Cedar Crest, New Mexico... this is totally Albuquerque!