Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lightroom.. oh boy!!

Does anyone want to donate $200 to the Shannon-Gets-Lightroom Fund?! Anyone?


No? Drat. I didn't think so. I would like to personally think MckMama for helping me discover Lightroom and all its glory. She is notorious for editing her pictures and turning them into delicious works of art. She can make Small Fry's eyes twinkle, Big Mac's hair shine, and make her food look like it belongs in Southern Living Magazine.

And Adobe has this little 30-day free trial. So, you know I had to try it..


Oh my gosh is all I can say. Lightroom made Hudsie's essence come alive! I never want to post another picture without Lightroom again! How have I missed out on it for this long?! Seriously. I was living under a dull-colored, ugly rock.

Now? Now I live on top of a saturated world, full of clarity and vibrance. Where lenses are corrected and luminance is overwhelming.


Now, I would urge you to scurry off to Lightroom so you can join in on the fun. But I have a feeling that these pictures of the most precious 17-month old child have already convinced you.

I'm in love. With a photo-editing program.


Now I just need you to give me $200..

Note: This is my second blog post of the day! Don't miss the first!


  1. I wish I enjoyed it as much as you do.


    But one thing I do enjoy? Those rosy-pink cheeks!

  2. Heading there in 3...2...1...

  3. Know what you mean! I tried it for the 30 days too! And I am also in love with you just need the money!

  4. I want lightroom! :) I must have it.