Thursday, January 14, 2010

our eat-in plan and Baby G

I've reached the point in this "cook-til-I-drop" plan where I just want to chuck it out the window and go to a restaurant. I really am not sure that we're saving money. Maybe we are. Starting in February, I'll log how much money we're spending at the commissary --

--and on that note, yes, we have dropped all grocery stores except the commissary. I swear we go to the grocery store at least once a week. Is it really worth it? I'm not sure. We go through milk like we've got a one-year old. We go through bread like we're sandwich-lovin feens. We go through bottles of water like we're really clean fish.


Friday: King Ranch Chicken
Saturday: fried chicken & baked beans
Sunday: Hamburger... ???
Monday: Digiorno pizza
Tuesday: Chicken & rice with corn on the cob
Wednesday: fettuccine alfredo
Thursday: Crockpot meatloaf & rice
Friday: hot wings & fries
Saturday: Stove Top chicken casserole
Sunday: pathetic meal out of a box
Monday: Digiorno pizza

See that Sunday meal where I make "Hamburger....???" What on earth should we make with ground beef? It can't be hamburgers, because we don't have hamburger buns and I'm not going back to the store.


convo tonight with C:

ring ring!

me: hello?

C: it's a boyyy..... *sigh*

me: I heard! are you excited?!

C: I prayed to God for a girl and we got a boy.

me: um, I know.. it'll be great though! so you need to pray for me to have a girl!

C: no. YOU have to pray for your own baby. and I prayed for a girl and He gave us a boy.

me: but we can both pray for me!

C: no. you have to pray for yourself.

*insert a bunch of high-pitched words that I can't understand*


Previously said by Clayton to his mother: I'm praying for another baby girl. Three boys and one girl. I wish three babies were in your tummy. Three plus three is six.


Someone is seriously bummed about getting another brother. I'm still a little bit in shock, because I really thought it was a girl. Not that I didn't want a third nephew, but I got it in my head that it was probably a girl! Now I have to wrap my mind around the idea that I'm going to get another little wild baby boy! Will he have bright blue eyes like C? Chocolate brown eyes like H? Will he be wild, crazy, and hyper like C? Or a laid back baby who wants to be held, like H?

I have no idea. But, if I were going to guess (I always guess wrong), I bet he will look like Hudsie's little twin and be more laid back than any baby I've ever known. I'm totally prepared for more trains, trucks, balls, and cars! ...well, kind of...

With more chubby cheeks like these:

And adorable fat rolls like these:

And the two best big brothers in all the lands:

We're ready for you, baby G! Hurry up, June 10th! I'm ready for another newborn to love on!


  1. We hardly EVER have hamburger. So I can't help you there. :/ (Plus I WAS going to suggest Sloppy Joe's, but you don't have buns.) :(

    I think G is going to look like H. I say that because - it may just be me - but I think the firstborn ALWAYS looks different from the rest of the babies born to the same parents. Does that make sense?

  2. Awwww poor C. I'm sure he will really love baby G once he gets here.
    Do you still have tortillas? You could always make soft tacos!

  3. genius, Paigey! genius! I actually have taco seasoning in the cabinet. neato!

  4. I think the new baby will look like Clayton. =]