Saturday, January 30, 2010

what IS this?! close, but no cigar!

You all must think our dog is HUGE!
She's just a little teeny thing, remember!?

Why, we were


..children in..


..a blanket..


..of course!


Blanket Swinging is an all-time favorite at Grandma & Poppy's!
Whoever gets the head-end of Clayton is in big trouble!

Who's up for some newborn-swinging come this June?!
Huh huh!?

Watch out, Baby G! Your big brothers are WILD!


Original Post:

What on earth is going on in this picture?!


and this is the whole picture
nothing's been cropped!

Can you figure out what's going on?!


  1. Pi is being swung in a blanket by her parents!!!!

  2. Haha, ya I was thinking the same thing as Brittney!

  3. I agree.. there's gotta be either a dog or a kid in that blanket. :)

  4. UUGH! That was my second guess! But I was FOR SURE this was a picture from you and M, not from your parents! Plus, that digital camo in the bottom left-hand corner threw me for a loop. You trickster! ;)

  5. Hehehehe!!!!! That's part of Hudsie's camo pants! :] Haha!! do ALL families swing children in blankets? I have no idea.. but it's definitely their favorite thing to do!

    my dad also puts Huds on a blanket and drags him through the house like a "ride." when I was there for Christmas, he ran & drug Huds through the kitchen and banged Hudson's head on the doorframe. Huds just looked at me and smiled. It made a LOUUUUDD noise. Boys have super thick skulls. LOL.

  6. Haha, that's funny! A couple weeks ago when I was visiting my sister, my brother and brother in-law were swinging the two older kids in a blanket. I've got some great pics...I think I'll post them. =]

  7. Drat! I was close!

    ...ok, no I wasn't. I just like to make myself feel better. haha.