Monday, January 4, 2010

an update of movies and food

Our one year anniversary is creeping up on us this week, and we have special plans. Here's a hint:

1535 degree vessel


I love freebies, but I know you already know that. In case you were wondering, I have already received two of my freebies in the mail! One of them was a free little pack of tampons from Walmart. Such fun ;]

I always sign up for "newsletters" at every opportunity.. because, in case you didn't know, that means you get free coupons for special events (birthdays and anniversaries). I checked my inbox today and found a "buy one get one free" movie ticket from the Cinema Cafe!!

This just happens to be our favorite place to visit in Hampton (where we live). It's the most genius place ever. In fact, I wish I had thought of it! It's a big movie theater with tables in front of the seats. There's a little button in front of your seat, and your press it to order a meal. A full meal. Salads, nachos, burgers, chicken, pasta, whatever! Just like a restaurant. The waitress brings you your food during the movie.

It's perfect, because neither of us really like popcorn. And my husband has definitely been known to order two or even three things during one movie. Anyway. We'll be trucking to the movies to see The Lovely Bones on January 15th!

I read the book in high school -- in fact, I think everyone read this book in high school, and it was so great! I'm a fan of any book that gets kids or teens excited, because I'm also a huge fan of literary development. I'm so excited!

In case you're curious, our plan of "eating out once a month" is in full swing, and we're doing fabulously. We made hot chicken wings a couple days ago and fettuccine alfredo last night.

Here's our menu for the week

Monday: chicken with peppers, onions, and rice
Tuesday: steak and potatoes
Wednesday: hamburger helper (don't knock it)
Thursday: 1535 degree vessel
Friday: hamburgers or chicken fingers!

Tonight is the season premier of Secret Life. Every female I know (almost) will be tuned in for our favorite family-friendly show! This show was created by the same lady that created 7th Heaven (remember? the preacher and his family of 7 children? Awesome show!) Plus, almost everything on ABC Family is worth watching. Tune in at 8/7c to see it!

Mark will be home soon, so I need to get started on supper. Yummo! I feel so domesticated. I know my mom and dad had doubts about me and my culinary abilities.. but look at me now! I could almost have my own show on the Food Network!

okok. A slight exaggeration... ;] somehow, I doubt that anyone would want to watch me whip together Hamburger Helper.

Although, Rachel Ray does have her own show..



  1. Yay! Happy Anniversary! Love your blog post! :-)

  2. I've never read that book. I never even heard of it until I saw previews for the movie the other day.

    BUT when Chris & I come to visit, can we pretty please go to that really cool movie place? :D

    I can't believe you've been married a year (almost!) already! Isn't it wonderful!?

  3. aww yes!! I know you'll love it! It's SO fun!! I'll take a picture of it on the iphone when we go next week :) i think every city in America should have one!! I *know* it would be a hit in BG! anyway, yes, marriage is wonderful! best thing ever :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I agree with you guys, marriage is the BEST thing ever!!