Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday!! Time for Not Me Monday! I'm joining in this week in celebration of MckMama finally coming home from the MckCruise. By the way -- I really wanted to go on the MckCruise. It would have been the perfect first anniversary trip for us. We could have hung out with MckMama, played games with her, and joined in with her photo sessions. Sigh. It would have been great. (Not to mention I could.. you know, watch her from afar.. )

Anyway. On with the show:

Yesterday, I totally did not oversleep and miss church. I always set my alarm, get up, and head to church like a good wifey! So I didn't have to attend the 6pm service to make up for it. Our preacher is insanely hilarious (and also an amazing preacher!) so when he cracked a joke, I was not the only person to laugh. I didn't laugh so hard, for so long, that my face actually hurt from smiling. I mean, I'm pretty modest, so my laugh did not fill up the entire gymnasium*. Definitely not!

This past weekend, I did not discover that my younger nephew, Hudsie, affectionately calls me a cuss word. He would never call me %*#$ in place of Shannie. He did not see a picture of Mark and me and say, "There's s*it & Moc!" Nope, not my nephew!

Earlier this week, while Skyping with Chris & Brittney, we lost the television remote. When Mark lifted up the couch cushion, he did not find a pair of fuzzy socks in our couch. I mean, really. Just who do you think I am? I'm a great housekeeper, and our couch does not eat things. I've also never been known to find magazines, chapsticks, and plates in our couch cushions.

Okay okay. I really was kidding about that last one.


On Saturday, we went to a mall in Portsmouth for the day. There, I walked into New York & Co and saw the most gorgeous orange purse. I rubbed my hand over it and my eyes got big. Then, I definitely did not say to Mark, "When I wear orange, I feel a little bit like MckMama.." Uh, that would be creepy and weird. I would never say something like that. Sheesh!

And, finally, our kitchen cabinets aren't stacked with dishes because our dishwasher is broken. We don't keep holding out to see if our dishwasher will miraculously come back to life and do the work for us. Nope. I always wash dishes right after I use them, so my dishes would never pile up.

And, if it were true, I would definitely not blog about it.

Nope, NOT ME!

*Our church has 5 services - 2 in the sanctuary and 3 in the gym. Which is why we were in a gym.


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  2. No.. I didn't get it.. although I should, because it was only $30 and it would've looked FABULOUS for spring & summer! (you know me -- I carry the same purse for 3/4 of a year at a time).

    and Hudsie has NEVER heard that word. He just can't pronounce Shannie so he came up with that! Ha!

  3. My couch never eats stuff either:) I have a pile of dishes a mile high in my kithchen right now, and my dishwasher is not broken!

  4. Hello from a fellow MckMama reader. :) You and I have a "Not Me" moment in common this week. Except I didn't sleep quite late enough to miss church.. but we just barely made it.

    Loved reading your blog. I'll be back!

  5. We overslept yesterday, too! We actually attempted to make it, but realized halfway there that neither of us had eaten breakfast and were starting to feel sick. So we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

    Also, Pi was CRACKING US UP the other night! OMG! Her little growl was seriously hilarious!

  6. Haha no worries Shannie, Hudsie will figure it out! When Riley was learning to say my name, it sounded a lot like b**ch...and she had never heard that word either! She finally figured it out! :)

  7. we never look in the couches to find things. by the way i love the header

  8. hahaha. you are so so so funny. :)

  9. reference dishes.......are you trying to totally push your mom over the edge!!!! lol! kim

  10. What a sweet aunt to be proud of such a nickname! Love the picture on your header, btw...

  11. Hiya Shannon!

    I found your blog through McMama's. I like reading your blog... We have a lot of simularites it seems. Besides a name {:), we love God, our husbands & pets just for staters.

    I'm now following. Stop by if you get a chance.


  12. Hi! I am reading through Not Me's tonight and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading yours! Oh and my couch never eats anything, lol! Have a great week!