Thursday, January 28, 2010

interview two


Because just one interview wasn't enough.

I had so much fun interviewing Clayton yesterday that I immediately came up with more questions to ask my sweet oldest (what what?! Now I can officially use oldest and youngest since there are THREE boys!) nephew.

If you're "familiar" with child development, you know that it's difficult for young children to "pull things out of their head." (Ex. Saying "What's your favorite food?" And not giving any options or ideas. Some kids might need you to prompt them by giving options: pizza? hamburgers? spaghetti? etc.) So, on some questions, we got lots of "Ummm.... I don't know..." but eventually he came up with answers for all of them on his own!


So I now present: Interview Part II

what makes you happy? Shannie

what makes you angry? Mommy makes me go in my room

what's the most important thing you know? how to play golf

tell me something about God. God loved us before we did

if you had $10, what would you buy? the big dinosaur in the store


what can you do that mommy can't? run

at what age are you an old person? 5,000 (he said "fifty hundred")

what are you good at? jumping on the trampoline without falling

if you had a dog, what would you name it? Rocker

tell me a joke: knock knock, who's there? moofie. moofie who? moofie too.

what's the best food in the whole wide world!? peanut butter & jelly sandwich

what's a happy color? red

what's a sad color? black


The following question/answers did not happen:

What will you do with Baby G when he gets here? Nothing.
~~You won't hold him and sing to him? NO! I might drop him!!!

What's the best thing about Hudson? He shoots me with guns.


I love learning about child development. So when I researched stages of humor development, I found this interesting info:

The preschool child's verbal humor reflects attempts to create fantasy from reality. The show their understanding and control of words, they playfully distort them. The child's delights in misnaming objects, or creating new words with nonsensical endings, or endlessly rhyming real or nonsense words. By the conclusion of the preschool years, scatological humor becomes a source of please. Now the child uses "taboo" words or repeats jokes about elimination or body parts. This reflects their concern about cleanliness and sexual interest. In general, their humor is rambling, silly, and repetitious.

BINGO! This is where Clayton has been for the past year. He often says "You're a poopie!" and giggles his head off. During Christmas break, his new thing was "You're a mugger." And thought it was the funniest thing ever. Now, seeing him think "moofie" was hilarious shows him distorting words & using nonsense words!

If you have a child/babysit a child/have one in your family, interview them! It's so funny and exciting to hear their responses!


  1. precious C. haha. fifty hundred. Love it. I also laughed out loud at "what can you do that mommy can't?"

  2. This is hilarious. I need to do this with one (or all) of my 8 nephews or two nieces. ;)

    Kids are the greatest!