Sunday, January 17, 2010

I love my life.

I really love my life. But sometimes I have days where I miss home so much. I'm missing my nephews growing up and my sister's belly growing out. We miss the simplicity of Kentucky-living where a Friday night meant Greenwood Mall and Puertos. Our families and friends are continuing their lives without us.

But (for now) it's okay. Because, honestly, we love our life.

It definitely took all of three months to feel at ease in Virginia. We still rely on our GPS 100% and we literally could not survive without it. I couldn't navigate my way around base if my life depended on it. We still feel a little out of place here, but it is becoming easier.

But the point of this post? Oh yes. I really love my life. We have the world's best dog, Mark has the best job in the Air Force with the best hours imaginable, and we have fun all.the.time. We have a little system around here, and I wish you could see how it works. We work like a well-oiled machine, and I could swear that we really have been married for twenty-five years, only our romance is still majorly alive and kicking.

Today during the sermon, Mark put his arm around me and I reached up and held his thumb, like I normally do, and I remembered: Man, I love my life! Our preacher quoted a little phrase, and the congregation chuckled, but Mark and I laughed really loud. And I realized that we were seriously made for each other. I seriously wonder if life could ever get any better than this. The only thing that would make our lives better is the addition of children. But, for now, it's just me, my man, and our dog, and I love my life.

I really love the life we've created together.

I just wanted you to know! Happy Sunday! Mark has the day off work tomorrow, so we're going to find something fun to do. Meanwhile, I'll be in Virginia & loving my life.

And, just for the record: I'm pretty darn sure that Piper loves her life, too!