Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday somethings

Mark is currently at his soccer match. It's freezing here -- no snow on the ground, and it's bright and sunny, but it's cold. I've been thinking: I can't wait until the summer (or late spring!). It's going to be so great here. I think we'll spend all of our free time at the beach. We'll buy some beach gear (beach chairs, an umbrella, a little cooler, etc) and spend our days at the beach. And I'll bring a book and just lay out and get as tan as a crispy critter. It will be so fantastic: like a permanent vacation. Only, this time we'll know our way around, we won't have to pay for a hotel, and we'll know where the restaurants are. Summer 2010 will be so fantastic.

Not only that, but my niece or nephew will be arriving in June.
Then one of my best friends gets married in July.
And Hudsie turns two years old in July.

New babies, new adventures, lots of sun and warmth and tans.. plus a cooler of ham sandwiches and Dr Pepper... I'm sooo ready for the summer!

Meanwhile, someone is coming to visit me in early April. Either my parents or my sister & her family. Either way, I'll have lots of fun. And, either way, I hope Clayton can come...

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