Sunday, January 31, 2010

loving brothers.

The relationship between C&H has really come a long way. Let me take you back a few months:

late summer 2008 - Clayton doesn't really notice Hudson. Hudson lays around, drinks milk from mommy, and is held a lot. He's also really loud and "cries all the time." Clayton wished he would stop. Makes comments like, "That baby is crying again..."

winter 2008 - Hudson is now noticed more. He's a rolly polly and can sit up and grab toys. Clayton's toys. Clayton takes on role of Protective Big Brother and doesn't want Hudson to touch his things because Hudson "might swallow them." Yes, Hudson might have even swallowed his beanie babies, trucks, and trains. Right then.

spring 2009 - Hudson is definitely more mobile. He's crawling everywhere and will follow Clayton anywhere. Mommy takes showers while Clayton "watches over" Hudson, and they play together. Clayton takes his role very seriously.

summer 2009 - Hudson discovers that he's really a boy and he has a brother. He begins to wrestle with Clayton, which no one taught him to do. He leaps on his back, bites his back, and latches on for dear life. Clayton runs around and taunts Hudsie. Their relationship blossoms :]

fall/winter 2009 - They become best buddies. Clayton recognizes that he has to be gentle with Hudsie, but they duke it out all the time. Hudie crawls all over Clayton, finding satisfaction in sitting on C's butt. Hudsie does, and plays with, whatever Clayton has.





This last picture speaks volumes. Six months ago, Clayton would have died if Hudsie had drank from his sippy cup [if you look closely, there is a rubber band contraption in the middle of the cup which reads "Clayton" engraved]. Now? By winter 2009? He holds his baby brother and lets him sip on his drink.

Undeniably precious.

Clayton was crushed when he found out that his new baby sibling was not a girl. He prayed and prayed, and he was sad about it for days. But we're all thrilled that Clayton will have another brother. And the three of them, each about two years apart, will be close for a lifetime. I'm anxious and excited to see the brotherly love between my three sweet nephews.

But I do fear for my sister's house and refrigerator. You know how boys are: loud, noisy, and messy.

Good luck to you, my brave sister! Tune in later tonight for sledding brothers!