Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what I do best

If you're keeping up with the Kardashians Cox's (hahaha... ) you know that tomorrow we find out the gender of our third little Sproutlet! Unanimously, everyone thinks it's a girl. I would (seriously) love either a boy or a girl. There's nothing sweeter in my life than my two nephews. Little boys are unbelievably sweet. Truth be told -- I have no idea what to do with a little girl, but I would also love a niece!

C will be calling me with the big news (he's going to the ultrasound appointment) and I'll let you all know as soon as possible! The names have already been picked out -- sorry to say that she didn't pick any of your suggested names! But until tomorrow, I'm making a little list of "must-haves" for my little Sproutlet. I'll include both boy & girl items (although the old wives tale says it's 58% sure it's a girl. What a rip off. That's basically 50/50.. I could have guessed that!)

If it's a Sproutette:

She'll definitely need this little one-piece bathing suit from Gymboree when she comes to visit me in the summer:

Oh cripes, is that cute or what?!
That little Goldfish just screams cuteness.. gah!

This little orange bubble suit from Gymboree:

that is DELICIOUS, isn't it?!

Sigh.. and this little light pink doll baby dress from Baby Gap:

I like to call this dress:
Hello, gentlemen.. I'm a southern belle from Kentucky!

the most adorable little crocheted hat in all the lands...

found HERE at Etsy

If it's a Sprout:

Kicky Pants polka dot romper
I just so happen to own the matching newborn gown!

These adorable BabySoy rompers:

The set of Big, Middle, and Little Bro tees from lunabtee.com:

I know you recognize these kids...
adorable x 3!

and, dear sister, whatever the gender, you need these:

... adorable birth announcements!!

from THIS website

and my all-time favorite diaper bag: the Go Gaga Slide Tote

annnnd finally, the most adorable Big Bro t-shirts I've ever seen -- C&H would look mighty cute wearing matching tees to the hospital:

found HERE at Caden Lane

Looking forward to making a blue or pink announcement tomorrow! If there was a Proudest Aunt Ever award, I would take it and run. Then I'd mount it on the wall, because I am a really proud aunt.


  1. I was *totally* going to ask you to do a post for me, if you had only done girl products. But I got really excited when I saw the boy stuff! :D Can't wait to hear if you'll be having a niece or nephew! What time will you find out?!

  2. Her appointment is at 2:30.. so Hopefully by 3 I'll know! :) :) :)

  3. I love all the clothes but,especially the hat. love, mom

  4. OMG I WANT A LITTLE GIRL!!! Ok that's all!

  5. Shannon,
    I was just on MckMama's site and saw your name in the comments. It looked familier so I clicked on it. Small world! We go to LH and live two doors down from your mom and dad!
    Who knew I would find your blog through mycharmingkids? You just never know.
    Anyway, wanted to let you know how I made my way over here. Cute blog!

  6. HA! That is so funny! I think everyone has found me through MckMama's blog!!!! I'm usually in the first 10 comments (sign that I have no life) so people hop over to my blog a lot. How funny! :D