Friday, January 8, 2010

sneak peek

Since you couldn't join us at the Melting Pot, we took a few pictures with our iPhone. The Melting Pot is an extremely dim-lit restaurant, so these pictures are pretty dark. Oh well.

We had lots of fun! I stuck to my guns and got the regular chicken, shrimp & steak, but Mark experimented and go the Pacific Rim meal. His included duck and potstickers and.. stuff. I don't really remember, but he thought it was so great!

Mmm, see those mushrooms in the pot? I have a new-found love for mushrooms with their special chive (& something) stuff spooned in. I really don't like mushrooms, but I was scarfing them down! Soooo good.

Part of my meal with my yummy sauces in the background. Raw meat: appetizing, right?!

It was totally worth it. It turns out that the Melting Pot is MckMama's favorite restaurant too! (Actually, my favorite restaurant is.. I don't know. But the Melting Pot isn't our absolute favorite.. but it's in the top 5). By the end of the meal, we were stuffed, and we didn't even finish our chocolate fondue! Shocking, I know. Although Mark actually dipped his mint into our pot of chocolate and then ate it. It was all soo good. Man oh man.

Oh, and I wanted to share a little photo of a ritual between myself and Piper. Each morning I wake her, pick her up, and she comes downstairs and sleeps next to my left leg. She is really attached to me, and I love it :)


  1. Yum! We're seriously going to have to try the MP at some point in our lives. Ha. It looks great! And double YUM to those mushrooms! I mean...they're cooking in that pot, right? I only like cooked mushrooms. Not raw. Ew. Happy Almost-Anniversary! :D

  2. Oooh it was great. And yes, all the veggies get dumped in the broth to cook. The veggies will never overcook in the broth EVER, so you can keep them in there the whole meal, and they'll just keep soaking up flavor. It's soooo good. And that's saying a lot for mushrooms, because I normally don't like them :) Mark reminded me that the mixture is cream chese with chives and maybe something else, and it goes GREAT with the mushrooms!!!!!!! Mmmm! :)

  3. Mmmmmm my mouth is watering. Maybe we'll save up and go there for our 2-year anniversary this year.

    Wait, what? Two years? Yes. Wow.

  4. Looks yummy! My sister went to the one here (because someone else was paying--which seems like the way to go) and she said it was great. Maybe Robert and I will try it some time, way in the future, when we have money and aren't broke college students. Oh wait, he's going to be a preacher and I want to stay at home with our kids---maybe we'll never go =P

  5. lol, it REALLY is not THAT much money. Seriously. It isn't going to make you go broke. You and Robert could eat here for $40. If you get expensive things (just like at any restaurant) then the bill goes up. We've only been twice -- both times on special occasions. yummo!

  6. This place will be top of the list whenever we come for a visit!

  7. Cool beans!!! It's like 4 minutes from our home! :)