Wednesday, January 6, 2010

seven months!

Our little girl turned 7 months old today!


Happy seven months on earth, Piper Diaper!

An update is in order, I believe:

  • Piper has stayed alone, out of her crate, for a solid month now. We've left her for many hours (4+) and come home to a perfectly clean home. She's becoming very trustworthy!
  • Her new-found interest is destroying toys. She discovered that if she tries hard enough, she can dig out the squeaker and all the stuffing. She's destroyed 3 toys and counting...
  • She likes any food we eat except bananas and pickles.
  • She sleeps in our bed either at the end or in the middle of me and Mark or she will wrap her body around his head as he sleeps. She alternates each night, and we love it. We adore sharing a bed with her and can't imagine it any other way.
  • I wake up before Piper each morning and have to pick her up and carry her downstairs like an infant.
  • She still can't go down our stairs. She won't even try.
  • We call her: Piper Diaper, kickin legs, sweet pup, and little critter
  • She sleeps a lot and likes to snuggle next to me at all times.
  • When Daddy comes home for lunch, she plops down in his lap and doesn't get up until he leaves. On weekends, she spends the majority of her time in his lap.
  • She still loves to have her picture taken:


We love you very very much.
And if you could read my blog,
I know you would say:
"I ruff you too, Mama!"


Note: This is my third blog post today. Don't miss the picture I posted earlier of Piper with her toy!


  1. It's so incredibly funny how she poses for pictures! Yay! Happy 7 month birthday, Pi!

    (Yesterday Bindi would have been 1 year. Sigh.)

  2. One year!? WOW. You're right! (well, obviously) but wow.. I can't believe it's been a year since her birth!! Time really does fly right on by, doesn't it? Lily Bug will be a year old before we know it. Although, compared to Piper, Lily looks like she's a grown woman! My dog looks like a toddler. lol.

  3. I know, I can't believe she would have been 1 year! Even though we didn't have her for the first 6 weeks of her life. Still, time goes by soooo fast. It makes me scared to think of how fast our boy is going to grow! Sniff!