Sunday, January 24, 2010

weight loss top 5!

It's been a while since I've made a list of "things I love," so I thought today would be a great day to reveal my new weight-loss favorites!

1. 200 calorie Digiorno Pizzas:

My friend Tara affectionately refers to them as "cracker pizzas," but we both love them so much! You get 2 pizzas in each box -- and they range from $1.98 (commissary) to $2.50! They are really thin - and, okay, it is like eating a pizza cracker. But it's so good. It's pretty small too, but don't let it fool you.. it fills you up completely! You can get them in cheese & tomato or pepperoni! It's (by far) the best healthy frozen pizza on the market. And I would know, because I've tried them all! Absolutely delicious. We have 3 boxes (total of 6 pizzas) in our freezer at the moment!

2. Crushed Red Pepper:

My favorite little secret, which coincides with the Digiorno Pizza. Crushed red pepper is the best spice, in my humble opinion. It kicks up flavor to another notch and gives each dish a special kick! (in Neely style!) Instead of adding butter or cheese, simply shake on a lot of crushed red pepper! We use this in every single dish we make. We have two bottles and pour it on all our food. It's been reported that capsaicin, found in hot spices and peppers, helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant! But whatever -- we use it because it tastes soo good! Generously shake a ton on whatever you're eating, and you'll fall in love with the rich, spicy taste!

3. Easy Mac:

I'm pretty sure we've all had it.. at least once. We basically keep Easy Mac in our cabinets at all times. I lived on it in high school, college, and I'm still eating it. Did you know that it's ONLY 230 calories for one packet?! It's 5 points for Weight Watchers (if you keep track). I know what you're thinking: pasta & cheese? That can't be healthy. -- Well, it's fake cheese. I try to ignore that teeny fact and enjoy it. The biggest part of weight loss, to me, is calorie intake. And if your entire lunch only consists of 230 calories, that's pretty darn good...

4. Drinks:

Water, organic fat-free milk, and Coke Zero. Yum. Coke Zero isn't really advised, but I love it. So good. To me, it tastes just like Coca Cola. Kind of. Don't you dare waste calories on whole milk! (Unless you're between the ages of 1 & 4 -- in which case, how are you reading my blog?!) As I type this, I'm sipping on Dr Pepper. Bad me. What can I say? I'm not perfect, but I know what I should be drinking.

5. Want it? Go for it: I'm not sure that Bob or Jillian would agree with me on this one, but this is my list, so whatever -- if you really are wanting an Oreo or an M&M.. go for it! One Oreo will not kill you or make you gain weight. *One* hand-full of M&M's aren't going to make you go up a pant size. Now, that doesn't mean you can get one Oreo every hour; it's all about moderation and portions! It gets your craving out of your system, but it keeps it all in perspective.

Mmm... all staples in the Cox Household! Hope you enjoyed my list! I'm a huge huge fan of all these products. If you decide to try the 200 calorie pizzas, let me know! I've already "convinced" one friend to try them, and she's sold!

Happy weight loss! (oxymoron? Losing weight is never a happy endeavor, IMO.. but I swear it: these 5 products/ideas do make it more enjoyable!)


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  2. Oh man, I love cereal! But I'm guilty of having it as a late night snack :\ I'm a big fan of off-brand Fruit Loops. My ultimate favorite is Fruity Pebbles, but they've jacked the price up to $3.20 (even at the commissary) and the off-brand FL are only $1.29 or something. But mmm.. cereal with organic fat-free milk.. heavenly!

  3. Shannon-I LOVE those 200 calorie digiornos! They are really good! There is also a chicken and peppers one (at least here in BG). And I agree with giving into temptations! If you deprive yourself you are SOOO much more likely to binge on something and make it so much worse than if you had just given in in the first place. This blog is right up my alley, I was a nutrition major. I think the most important rule to trying to lose weight is to make changes that you can stick to for LIFE. You should always have a non-diet approach to weight loss, it should be a lifestyle change because that's the only way to lose weight and keep it off and feel good! By the way--I LOVE reading your blog :)

  4. I will definitely be trying the pizzas when I get a chance! And, I love the red pepper idea. I don't cook *yet* but one day I'll have and house/apartment and need all of these great ideas, so keep 'em coming!

  5. Yumm! I want to try those pizzas asap! :) and I LOVE hot peppers that go on the Pizzas at restaurants, so I will have to get that little jar. yummo!

  6. Whole Milk...YUM! It's like drinking a big, frothy cup of ice-cold goodness. I think I might go get a glass after I type this comment, actually! Horizon's 2% Lactose-Free Organic milk is BY FAR the BEST (white) milk on the market. Seriously. Their chocolate milk is only 1% and has added DHA & Omega-3. Mmmm. That'swhatI'mtalkinabout.

    Uhh...sorry about my milk plugs. I just LOVE milk. Especially now that I'm pregnant! :D

  7. Oh, and way to represent Stonyfield! I haven't had *any* of their milk (I haven't seen any lactose-free from them) but their vanilla-flavored yogurt is staple item in our house!

  8. I have always stayed away from pizza because of the calorie count but I will have to check these out..sounds yummy...and as for milk I am hooked on silk soymilk love it...YUM!! the chocolate is a treat for me....