Wednesday, January 20, 2010

photograph your...

I just read MckMama's blog and got this little idea. What if, each week, I decided to photograph a different thing? Like each Saturday I photographed a person or an object or event or something.

I think I'll do it. I think each Saturday I'll pick a subject and photograph it to pieces. Then edit my photos with Lightroom (at least for the next 28 days.. ) and blog it!

This Saturday? Photograph your husband.

He isn't aware of this yet, but I'm guessing that once he sees my camera poking in his personal space and snapping at every angle, he'll get the picture (literally).

Like, get the picture. Get it? Huh? Do ya?

And I think I'll call it.. SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS!

Too cool, guys. Too cool.

Ps. This is my second blog post of the day.


  1. FUN!!! CAN I DO IT WITH YOU?!?! And have, like, a little bloggy carnival out of it?!

    Pretty please!!!

  2. totally totally totally!!!!! It'll be so fun to see how we do things together!!! And and and if we could do it TOGETHER, like the same subject each week, then it would be even cooler!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree! How fun! YAY! I can't wait for Saturday!!!

  4. This is such a cute idea! :) ps. I forgot my camera at home. And I'm at school. :(