Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the gun.

When Clayton came to visit me in October, we took him to Williamsburg. There, I bought him a wooden gun that was really cool (and really expensive.. ). A gun that little boys in the 1800's would have definitely played with. He was so excited. He toted that thing for hours, aiming at trees and making it pop. He refused to let one me or my parents carry it for him. And, when nap time rolled around (and he was exhausted), he dropped it multiple times on the ground out of exhaustion.

But he flew to see me, and you aren't allowed to take guns on planes. So I promised that I would return it to him for Thanksgiving.

But I forgot it at home.

Now it sits upon our bookshelf. And he still hasn't forgotten about his gun. He's flying with my parents again in April to visit me. He called me this morning,

"Shannie? I'm driving to see you so I can bring back my gun."

"Clayton? Is that you?? You're flying with grandma and poppy, remember? You aren't driving."

"Yes I am. I'm driving so I can get my gun!"

"Um, ok.. "

He refuses to believe that he really is flying. I don't know how he's going to get his gun back home.

I just wanted to let you know about our little situation. Carry on now.


  1. Are they checking bags? You can put it in the suitcase if they do. They'd just have to let them know when they check it that there's a toy gun in his suitcase and it will be fine. As long as it is on the check bag, it won't be a big deal. :)

  2. Nope :[ They're just bringing carry on bags. Now airlines charge $25 PER bag to check one. SO that would be $75 for ONE way for bags. It's ridiculous. You can get online and pay it and "save" $5.. so they could do that but it would still be $60 for 3 bags. Pretty stupid. That would be $120 round trip for 3 bags. So I don't know if they could just tell the airline that they're bringing a toy wooden gun? I don't know :\ Otherwise I'll just mail it to him. Sigh!

  3. You could try to call the airline and see if he can take it on... or put it in the mail on his last day there or something so that you will have motivation to mail it and he will know it's going to arrive at his house! :)

  4. Or maybe have them just check one bag? But it might still be cheaper to mail it than to pay $50 for one bag round trip.

  5. Hey, umm. Why can't you guys mail it? Is that against the law?

  6. i think i could mail it. i prob will end up having to :\